March 21, 2013

A Push Into the Stormlight

Now there is a terrific reason to check out Brandon Sanderson's first book in his newest series.

Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings, the first book in his Stormlight series, is now being offered in ebook format for $2.99. The file is Adobe DRM-free epub. So if you've been curious about the series, looking for a new fantasy,or what have you, now's the time. I'm not sure how long this price is in effect for. From what I've heard, it's Sanderson's best work to date, and as ambitious as George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire...though in different ways. Also, if you don't have an e-reader or prefer reading books, the book exists in hardcover and mass-market paperback also. Book two, Words of Radiance, is expected to come out in November. The ebook will mostly launch the same day as the hardcover (and audio, etc..)

Here are some sample chapters :

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