September 29, 2012


Wow. Hard to believe that this is my 100th post. It may sound cliche, but it feels like just another one...

I suppose the first thing to do is to take a look back at the posts/ entries / updates that I'm most proud of, and had the most fun writing. As I'm sure you all know, and I admit, a good chunk of what I post here is random ramblings or musings...hence the title - a blog without a focus. There are a few focuses (foci?) though.

In no order, here are my top submissions :

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My dislike of Twilight...coming from someone who actually read the books

My tribute to a mutual friend who passed away earlier this year

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My thoughts on House

So a bit more about me. I was born in Halifax Nova Scotia, and currently live in Ottawa, Ontario. I visit there often, and will most like retire there...but we'll see where the road called life takes me. My username, at long last, is a combination of the words 'insurrection' and 'retribution'. Insurrbution was (still is) the name of an Orc Death Knight I made back in the days when I was still playing World of Warcraft.
My interests consist of reading and writing, TV, movies, and socializing with friends and family. I enjoy watching sports too - hockey, football and soccer. My taste in music is wide and varied. In the next five posts sometime, I'll post what my favorite movies are. If I were to pick my favourite 'old' authors / stories, I'd go with selected works of Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas (Count of Monte Cristo), Sherlock Holmes, and Tolkien's Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion and (recently released in the past decade) Children of Hurin. In addition, my favorite authors (including those I mentioned) are George R.R. Martin (his Ice and Fire series greatly inspired my own series of books), J.K. Rowling for her Harry Potter novels, Stephen King, Ken Follett for his historical epics (check out Pillars of the Earth), Brandon Sanderson, J.R.R. Tolkien for essentially being the grandfather of fantasy with The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion and Children of Hurin, Bernard Cornwell for making history interesting (check out Last Kingdom), Daniel Abraham and Stieg Larrson.

I am writing my own fantasy series, beginning with A Climb of Chaos, with my goal to have the first draft completed by Aug. 6, 2016 [the 20th anniversary of Game of Thrones]. By March of 2013, I intend to submit a story to Asimov's magazine. I enjoy writing, and would love to fully complete my Kalvel Chronicles novels and have them published. If they make it into bookstores, that would be beyond amazing. Not because I'd be making money or whatever, but because my stories would be easily accessible to the general public.

So that's about it that I can think of to cover...thank you all for reading, subscribing, etc...I will continue to write, as I enjoy doing so. As a matter of fact, expect a post from me tomorrow reminding you that one of my favorite TV series returns....

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