August 15, 2012

Writer's Wednesday - The Return

Shortly before my vacation, I had spoken of something called 'Writer's Wednesday', a weekly piece I had hoped to continue. It took me awhile but here's another entry!

What I plan to talk about this week, is coming up with ideas for a story before you actually "get there" while writing it. Without giving away too much, A Climb of Chaos will have an 'interlogue'. You know how some novels have a prologue (beginning0 or epilogue (end)? Well, the 'interlogue' will occur about half-way through the book, and be a one-off chapter not related to the Volume you're reading, but the series on the whole. Pieces of the puzzle.

Well, I brainstormed and plotted out what the interlogue could be about and what could affect the series not the book. The other day at work, I came up with another genius idea, one that relates to my initial interlogue. Much like a ying-yang type fashion...

So you're reading Volume One, and you come across this random chapter about halfway through. In the next book, you'll see why that was significant. Then in a  future book, you'll get another interlogue, and THAT one will be revealed later on in a future book (the next one, or the one after?), perhaps closer to the end of the series. So far I have two planned 'intermission' chapters hinting at important / surprising things later on in the series. I guess you could call them 'game changers'.

Like I said, I have one document with the overall story (so far) laid out - what I hope to have happen in each book, where each will start / end in regard to the series...

The fun and challenging part is knowing where or when to drop hints or clues of things that you plan to happen later. There's also how much to tell, and how frequently you 'drop' information before you literally tell the audience "Hey, this is what's going on / going to happen, and why." Or, "Now, to get to where I teased you about."

So far in my series I have a total of three 'twists' or 'ah-HA!' moments / elements / events planned in store as of now. I'm hoping that once I get there (and you, by way of reading it once the book(s) are out) it'll be as effective as I have outlined in my head. They serve to both carry the story primarily. Seeing / hearing people's reactions (hopefully of shock. I want shock first reaction wise. I must now give an evil smirk. Whether or not it's positive or negative is a whole new fashion...)

In terms of writing my book and planning (in addition to the map...) the current primary thing on my mind, aside from the chapters and outlines I'm working one at present, is knowing when / where/ how to drop hints for future events later on.

George R.R. Martin has stated (and I'm directly quoting) when asked if he knew how his Ice and Fire series would end, he said that he knows the fates of the major players; and went on to say that it's like a roadtrip - you know where you're starting from, what your destination is, but not necessarily where or when you'll stop for lunch or dinner, or if a certain route has construction going on.

Basically, I'm creating and placing dots. It's a matter of placing them in the right areas and knowing how to connect them best.

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