May 9, 2012

Cover Reveal: Memory of Light (Wheel of Time book 14)

At long last, the cover art for the 14th and final Wheel of Time book has been revealed....

The series which began in 1990 will finally reach its conclusion in January 2013 when the final book, Memory of Light, will be released. I get them in paperback so I have even longer to wait. However, i started reading them back in '03 or so, and only read the first 5 (I think just as I was starting 6, a Harry Potter came out, and I got sidetracked with that and never got back to the series. Since it's been so long, I'll start over. Hopefully, on the day book 14 is out i hardcover.) This blog isn't about the series, but just the fact that 'hey, the cover's been released'!

The original artist, Darrell K. Sweet, passed away before he could finish his cover for the book. He did the covers for every other book in the series. Michael Whelan has done the final piece you see above, and will see in book stores. As you can see, it goes with the previous covers quite well. It doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Whelan has also done the cover for Brandon Sander's Way of Kings, the first in his Stormlight books. Hopefully Whelan can illustrate all the covers for that series too!

Here is Darrell's unfinished piece :

I'll be sure to do a full on Wheel of Time post at some pint, which will mention this briefly.

PS, my amazon wishlist has also been updated. I expect the next 'update' to occur in July, after my birthday....

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