March 16, 2012

My Wishlist For My Book

There are some things I’d like to see happen, or have control of with my books (I haven’t completed the first one yet, but I have some ideas on where a book can end and another begin, should this become a series). This is all hypothetical, if I have tons of control, and if my books go wide, like being being available at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Chapters...

I’m a fan of continuity with the design and layout of a book. Let’s take for example some series like The Inheritance Cycle, The Hunger Games Trilogy, or even Twilight – all the books have an identical cover design and style, etc. I would like my books to have that. One cover artist, illustrator or designer working on all books would be ideal. Even type, any maps etc.. 
As much as I love George R.R. Martin’s Ice and Fire series (my favorite, actually) the style of the books has changed over the years; which can make things a tad…irksome for those who would like to have everything in a series to match. This in part to me being a completist. I cannot have a series that is mixed with hardcover & paperback in my collection. I did when I was younger, but since then I have all my series in either hardcover, or all in paperback. They all have a similar look.

Also, speaking of the actual books, I must address the format in how one reads. I personally love reading in part of having the actual book. I can understand the convenience of e-readers, and the environmental friendliness of them; but books should be kept alive. I’m not ruling e-books out, nor holding anything against them, but when my books launch, I want there to only be the hardcover edition for about a year. Then, after that, the paperback version would get released, about 10-14 months after the hardcover. I'm hoping for the same month but a year after. On the same day as the paperback release, the e-book version will also come out. That is to say if my book(s) are published by someone like Random House / Bantam Spectra, Knopf, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, etc and follow the typical pattern.

I don't have any plans or wishes at this point for 'special' 'deluxe' or 'limited' editions. I would like:

Books 1-5, hardcover
Books 1-5, paperback
Books 1-5, e-format
(Books 1-5 audio?)
Books 1-5 Complete series box set, hardcover
Books 1-5 complete series box set, paperback
Books 1-5 complete series e-format.

I don't want any 'partial box sets' (for instance books 1-3 boxed together. There's no point - the series isn't finished yet.

That's about it...

As always with my entries, I appreciate & welcome comments. So I ask you - what, and how, would you like to see a book? I'm writing for me, so you readers have zero impact on the actual tales, but I'm curious how would like to read my stuff.

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