March 30, 2012

Game of Thrones Weekend

This weekend is Game of Thrones; according to HBO. As mentioned before, it is one of my favorite shows on TV. The second season, based on Book Two of Ice and Fire (titled Clash of Kings) premieres this Sunday at 9 on HBO.  So there's lots of time still to (re)watch Season One.

I've been watching the first season myself in anticipation. Coincidentally, I've unintentionally timed watching the last three episodes with three days to go before Episode One of Season Two. Today I watched Episode Nine, tomorrow will be Episode Ten, then Sunday will be Season Two.

I've worked on my novel a bit, too. Didn't too much writing (I'd say no less than two sentences, no more than six to give an idea of how much has been added); more editing and going over what I had already done than anything. To get my head back in. (I'll do a full-scale, entire edit and proof job once I'm done the first book, these are just minor touch ups along the indenting.) Top all of that off with me having fish 'n' chips with an ale (Keith's) and I'm feeling slightly medieval-ish...I may even go a day or two without shaving to get into the spirit...three, tops. Well, sure it's spring but it's been a bit chilly lately anyway so warmth is my excuse...

I'll do an excited fanboy post on Sunday to serve as a reminder to any of my readers who are Thronies that the new season begins...but I'm sure you already know that. After Sunday's post, expect another from me by Wednesday; which will include a spoiler-free analysis (of the episode and authenticity as an adaption). 

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