March 27, 2012

Five Battles Before the War

There are now only five regular season games left for the Ottawa Senators. They've been fighting really well, and we'll make the playoffs provided the Sens use their heads and don't goof up. Overall the team's had a great year, especially with the fact that we weren't predicted to do that well, Alfie was (and is) the heart and soul of the team. The glue that binds it all together. Or in this case, the hockey tape on the blade of a stick to prevent it from splintering. If this is his last season, he'll make a great exit. Then there's the All Star Games. 

Of course with Ottawa coming close, so too are other teams. With Toronto losing to Carolina tonight, they're basically out. Ottawa seems set to play against Buffalo, Washington or Pittsburg...but we'll see exactly who. Either way, great seaosn for the Sens, but let's see how well we are after five games, and after first round of the playoffs....

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