June 30, 2013

Moonbeam-ed Up

Yesterday evening I arrived in Moonbeam, ON, where my girlfriend is from, and her family lives. I will be here from the 28 of June, until the 3rd of July (back in Ottawa on the 4th). So my blog will taking a hiatus from my blog of books, movies, TV, sports etc... and the next few days will be Canada Day, eating, and four-wheeling. Enjoy the Canada Day, and for the Americans, your ID4, and I'll do a post as late as next weekend...as Bluesfest will be starting up then.

June 26, 2013

Breaking Bad

There are a few TV shows I enjoy watching - on DVD, through Netflix, through cable / sat, and through....other means. One series I've been hearing amazing things about, is Breaking Bad, which airs on the same network as Mad Men. 
The final episodes (final season, part 2 of season 5, whatever it's official known as) returns August 11. And the final episode will air on Septermber 29. So that means September *30* I will start watching the series with season 1, episode 1. I won't have to wait for anything starting that day. Another series I really want to check out is Homeland.  

June 25, 2013

Stanley Cup Champions

....that was interesting. We all thought game 7 was going to happen. And then Chicago bounced back hard in a legendary comeback. Throughout this final round, both teams have been playing amazingly well, and all games were super close. Now, let's see Ottawa get a cup next year....

June 23, 2013

TV Alert - Mad Men Ssn 6 Finale

Tonight is the season six finale for Mad Men. The episode to look for is called "in Care Of". The show returns next year for it's final season, and the season 6 DVD / blu-ray will most likely be out in October sometime, but I shall keep you non-AMC subcribers (and those who like to buy shows), up to date once it's announced. 

June 19, 2013

June 11, 2013

June 9, 2013

Final Round

It has been decided. The Boston Bruins will square off against the Chicago Blackhawks June 12 to begin the Stanley Cup Final.

And which team am I cheering for this round?

TV Alert: Game of Thrones ssn3 finale

Tonight is the much-anticipated Game of Thrones season 3 finale on HBO The name of the episode is called "Mhysa". The series will return for a fourth (and hopefully not final) season in Spring of 2014, most likely sometime in March or April. as far as I know, it will based on the second half of A Storm of Swords (Blood and Gold) and some of A Feast For Crows, perhaps even A Dance With Dragons. But I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, follow Game of Thrones on facebook, or twitter ( #gameofthrones )

June 6, 2013

Cut the Cable, Smash the Dish!

The days of needing one of these may very well be over in five years or under.

I am aware that there are....less than legal ways to watch TV shows, but this post is aimed at the legal ways.
One thing I've been meaning to talk about in length, but only hinted at, is my dislike for cable packages. I like mostly premium cable shows (Showtime, AMC, HBO) over standard stuff (ABC, NBC, the CW etc..) it gets expensive for about 3-4 channels. The problem is that you can't get individual 'channels', you have to get the packages if you want HBO.
The thing is, take The Big Bang Theory, or Grey's Anatomy for example. Both are popular shows. But you don't 'need' a TV provider to watch them, as a few days later, the new episode is provided on the TV network's website for steaming for free. Also, that network may allow streaming or access to their shows (example Netflix) through other shows. But not HBO. Oh, no not HBO.
Say you sign up for Netflix, or some other such just to watch Mad Men. You are able to get access to AMC's programming without needing to subscribe to Rogers, Bell etc. With HBO, aside from buying DVD / blu-ray, the only way you get to see their shows is to add onto your current TV package. Can you sign up for just HBO, or choose to only watch Game of Thrones? Nope. And that I hate. If I could, I'd most likely only have two channels.
Recycling and removing dishes in about 15-20 years?
What I like about Netflix is this - you can choose what to watch, when you want. Tonight when I get get home from work, I'm going to watch a few episodes of season 3 of Community. I don't have to 'wait' for it to air on TV at 7:00 for example. And I don't have to 'subscribe' to the network to get it. Things come and go off of Netflix (which I dislike...), but I enjoy the 'formula'.
It should go like this - you get to choose what to watch. One should be able to subscribe to a network (AMC, HBO...) solely without needing another subscription tog et access to that. So you can pay.... $30 to subscribe to Game of Thrones, or $100 to get all the shows on HBO. And after you pay for them you get to keep them. The prices are listed are examples, but you get what I'm saying. You get them within a week of them airing 'on TV' (or maybe a few hours later, since you've got the service). 
This is what TV watching will become as a standard
With Google (who owns YouTube, or is partnered with, or what have you), itunes, and other streaming sites (Hulu) or streaming boxes (Apple TV, which can feature itunes), there is big potential for streaming on demand which will blossom. 
You should be able to watch Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire as easily as American Idol. I can understand it costing more to do so, but the method should be the same for all shows. With Apple TV and other 'streaming boxes', I know that's how things will be. You choose your material in an on-demand type format (as new episodes etc get added). Hopefully, the networks will understand that and go with it. If networks stay in the dinosaur age, it's no wonder their shows are getting torrented left and right. A good reason is accessibility. Do you know what the most pirated show is? Game of Thrones. Hmmm, which network does it air on again? Exactly. More accessibility = less pirating (not "no" pirating)

June 5, 2013

Hockey Heats Up

Two rounds, 4 teams. The race for the Stanley Cup is getting closer.
In the east, we have Boston vs Pittsburg. So far Boston has been running Pittsburg's show, and are ahead in the series. I'm sure Crosby is crying about something. The Ottawa Senators are getting their revenge through Boston.
In the West we have LA vs Chicago. I'd like to see the Kings move onto the Final, but it seems like Chicago might advance instead. They are a head, but will they win?
So far it's looking like the Final Round will be between Boston and Chicago. But we'll have to see.....

June 3, 2013

Summer Reading

With a change of season, book reading seems to come into play. Here, I offer some books worthy of notice. Some I've read, others are in the reading pile...

June 2, 2013

Upcoming Name Day

My Birthday is coming... July 11. Those who read this blog wishing to get me a gift, I have some suggestions for you.....

June 1, 2013

Beaten to the Punch - World of Ice and Fire update

A fellow blogger has posted this article http://thewertzone.blogspot.ca/2013/05/update-on-world-of-ice-and-fire-update.html about The World of Ice and Fire book. Provides some good information, and is worthy of a look. In 2014 in the spring expect to see the first three 'Dunk and Egg' stories released in their own anthology. Not sure if it will be hardcover, paperback, ebook etc... I'll keep you posted. No updates on The Winds of Winter, but I remain hopeful that it will arrive in 2014 sometime. Possibly even in Nov 2014 - Feb 2015 type timeline. After that, I'm hoping George will give us A Dream of Spring, anywhere from 2017-2019. We'll see. For now I'm looking forward to Dunk and Egg collection, World of Ice and Fire, and The Winds of Winter

Other Game of Thrones / Ice and Fire material: the season 3 finale will air June 9, the season 3 soundtrack will on itunes June 4 (and CD July 9), and A Dance With Dragons will [finally] get its [American / Bantam] paperback [and mass market paperback] release end of October; with a preview chapter of The Winds of Winter. It is my hopes that they will also have an 'ad' page for that book, stating 'Coming late 2014' or some such. As always, I shall keep you updated best I can.