February 25, 2012

An Update

It's been awhile since my previous posting. I've been busy lately. However, because of that, that means I've got more to write.

Where I last left off, I was doing some research for A Climb of Chaos. I haven't written anything for it since. Oh, I did invent a character though. Nothing's been jotted down though.

I'd also finally seen The Descendants, a film featuring George Clooney, and one I'd meaning to see since around Christmas.

Also, I'd gotten two new pairs of jeans. Some of my work / mess around sets are actually literally beginning to fall apart, so I stocked up. I'll be using some older 'good' jeans for work now, to keep the cycle going.

Also, I have some tragic news to report. Someone I know has recently passed away. To be more exact, she took her own life. I didn't know her too well (she was friends with some of my friends); but I met her about 3-4 times, and knew her well enough to recognize her name, and know what she looks like. Earlier this past week, it was rough.
First was shock, then sadness for me. Even though I didn't know her that well, I was still impacted because, like I said, I knew her friends. My next post (or the one after that, we'll see how actually writing it goes) will solely be dedicated to her - how I knew her, the last time I'd seen her etc. I will elaborate more fully within that post.

Also, a couple of hours ago, I'd finished reading Book Four of Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Either tonight or tomorrow I'll begin reading Book Five. I enjoy love reading, and like to do it frequently, but I'm not too fast at it. It's hard to believe that I'd started reading Book One almost a year ago. It makes me wonder how long it'll take the read the Wheel of Time series....

I'd also upgraded my Amazon.ca wishlist slightly, (the link is: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/registry.html?ie=UTF8&type=wishlist&id=334OHARFDHZKQ )for those keeping track. I don't want it get any longer than five pages long. And, that's not for a specific occasion, like my next birthday, but for however it takes for me to get the items on there. It could be for the next 2-3 years!

Finally, I started using a new web site called Pinterest. I've posted some things I like (artwork, drinks I like, etc...)

That's about all for now, Hope you're all having a good week, and I'll try to post at least once per week more often.

February 19, 2012

Swords and Research

This past Saturday, I was supposed to attend a Mardi Gras Party. However, I only knew one person that was for sure going. Turns out they weren't feeling well the day of, so they didn't end up going. As such, because of what I said earlier, I didn't attend. 

Not too long after that, however, while I was beginning to arranging back-up plans (I actually got a text message about 20 minutes after I found out; however it was to a film I was not interested in seeing, plus it was at the opposite end of the city.) I remembered something. Something that could be of great benefit to my project - the book I'm writing, A Climb of Chaos

As I mentioned before, I want to make it as authentic, plausible, and detailed (but not boring) as possible. In order to do so, I'm doing some medieval-era research. First and foremost on swords, armor, etc.

Anyway, one of my co-workers makes his own weapons & armor, goes to sword-handling class, etc. When I told him of my endeavors, he referred me to the 'guild' he belongs to, where they train with the arms, and what not.

What sparked our interest & discussion of such topics, is that I'm currently reading George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, where he is reading Jack Whyte's Camelot Chronicles (a series I mentioned here a few times, which will be the next one I buy, as well as Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight).

So, I was in contact with a sword marshal. Which is pretty sweet on its own right, being a fan of fantasy, swords, etc since about the age of 7 or 8. But, I'll gain some neat information; such the advantages & disadvantages of chain vs plate vs scale, terminology, and what metals, minerals and alloys are used for the making of material. Oh, and of course fighting techniques.

Not a bad alternative to what was initially planned, if I do say so myself. One of those instances where if a really nice door closes, an almost equally impressive window opens. For a window, when one is hoping for a door.

And how goes the writing, you ask? Well, I have about 5 pages of actual story written. Other things, ideas, glossary, etc...totals for about 10 pages total of what I've 'created' or jotted down altogether. Then there's the research. I'm not sure how long that'll take, but I'm hoping to research up until the summer, maybe even as long as until the fall; while writing, adding, tweaking and some minor world building until then. So by 2013, if I were to guess, I'd say I'd have about 25 pages of STORY, and approx 50 pages TOTAL, including story.

I'll let you know how it goes, and post the odd sampling here and there. I should have another excerpt ready sometime in April.


This post will be a of a different variety. I've recently seen a couple random clips of The Avengers, and after seeing Sherlock Holmes 2 recently; I figure even Robert Downey Jr (well, his wit and humor, anyway) should visit my blog.

So without further ado, and thanks to IMDB, here are some funny things that have come out of his mouth on film since 2008....


Christine Everheart: You've been called the Da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?
Tony Stark: Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint.

Tony Stark: Give me a scotch. I'm starving. 


Senator Stern: I think we're done with the point that he's making. I don't think there's any reason...
Tony Stark: The point is you're welcome, I guess.
Senator Stern: For what?
Tony Stark: Because I'm your nuclear deterrent. It's working. We're safe. America is secure. You want my property? You can't have it. But I did you a big favor.
[stands and turns to face the Senate]
Tony Stark: I've successfully privatized world peace. What more do you want? For now! I tried to play ball with these ass-clowns.  

Justin Hammer: [about Christine Everhart] She's actually doing a big spread on me for Vanity Fair. I thought I'd throw her a bone, you know. Right?
Pepper Potts: Right. Well, she did quite a spread on Tony last year.
Tony Stark: And she wrote a story as well. 

Tony Stark: What's on the docket?
Natalie Rushman: You have a 9:30 dinner.
Tony Stark: Perfect. I'll be there at 11.  


Loki: I have an army!
Tony Stark: We have a Hulk.  

Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armour... take that away, what are you?
Tony Stark: Ahh... genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist 

Tony Stark: Dr. Banner, your work is unparalleled. And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster 


 Dr. John Watson: [Holmes points his violin bow at Watson] Get that out of my face.
Sherlock Holmes: It's not in your face, it's in my hand.
Dr. John Watson: Get what's in your hand out of my face.


Dr. John Watson: [as he watches Sherlock drinking embalming fluid] You're drinking embalming fluid?
Sherlock Holmes: [exhales] Yes. Care for a drop?
Dr. John Watson: You do seem...
Sherlock Holmes: Excited?
Dr. John Watson: Manic.
Sherlock Holmes: I am.
Dr. John Watson: Verging on...
Sherlock Holmes: Ecstatic?
Dr. John Watson: Psychotic.    

Dr. John Watson: It's not that he can't ride... How is it you put it, Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: They're dangerous at both ends and... crafty in the middle. 



February 5, 2012


Well, I promised...and here it is. The Giants won the Super Bowl 21-17; and I have a sample from the rough draft I'm working on. This has not been revised or edited, and is in the first phase....enjoy.

> Sample, by J.R. Hawboldt
>© J.R. Hawboldt.
> All rights reserved. No part of this text may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, reposting, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without express written permission of the author.



It was a frantic day all throughout the kingdom, for today was the coronation of it’s tenth King, Brand Dragonheart.

The standard of the Dragon was displayed in abundance; as the citizens showed their support by flourishing the new King’s house sigil wherever possible. It could be found on flags, banners, streamers, and of course various drawings, paintings & sketches; as artisans were hoping to make their purses thrice heavier than usual during the festivities.

For three whole days, the city was bustling and busy, as there were many hoping to catch a glimpse of Brand taking the crown. Due to the vast amount of people, a fair share of them were content to being in the same city at the same time. Aside from the city’s own citizens, many had traveled far to see the new king take the crown.

From all across the land, the nobles, knights & stewards of various factions streamed into the city to observe & support the ceremonies, some of them bearing gifts for the new king.

Inns & taverns had been busy for a solid month before the ceremonial weekend, as people streamed to the city. The way the men kept frequenting the brothels, however, the wenches liked to think that they could match a princess’ riches with their expected earnings.

However, not all were happy about Brand’s ascension to the throne. There were a couple factions who have been lobbying their own Steward as King, or some who wanted anyone but Brand, and some who believed after five kings in a row, a queen was needed. And of course, there were some who wanted no ruler.

Because of assorted protests associated with large crowds, and the beginning of a new ruler’s reign, extra security & precaution was to be expected.

Without a doubt, the Black Knights, the most elite of knights found within the faction of the king, were to be out in full. Their ebony suits shining & reflecting in the sun, and deep emerald plumes in the shape of a dragon, standing proud atop their helms.

Even the mounts of the the Black were fully outfitted, both for ceremonial display and combat. Great, black chargers with coats so shiny, they looked as if to be velvet.
Being unveiled during the celebration would be their new barding, also black and deep of emerald. The new addition, however, was a plate helm, with a single long silver horn upon the forehead. The rider could detach the horn and use it as a miniature javelin, or keep it attached to the horse’s helm during a charge, giving his opponent some extra pointy damage upon impact.

The Hawks would also be providing some of their arms over the course of the celebration, despite their usual neutral position. The best among them would be coming with their Steward to the city. Should their Steward ever become King, then most like the knights he brought with him would become his Black Knights.

This particular faction often remained neutral during wars & political skirmishes, offering aid to those who need it most, or where it would benefit them most.

Yet for all their efforts, a single figure had eluded them all throughout the celebration, by blending into crowds and sticking to the shadows. Other trickery was used, such as arriving with a full beard, and shaving it all off. He always kept a change of clothes hidden nearby, its location changing with his throughout his stay in the city.  He was garbed in dark colors, leather jerkin, and cloak. On his belt he wore two daggers, carried a crossbow, and a shortsword on his back.

When it was time for Brand to formally become king and accept his crown-helm, the man scrambled up some nearby windows, almost being spotted by some of the Watcher’s birds along the way. Finally, he came to a roof overlooking the courtyard where the Dragonheart would accept his reign.

His eyes searched all around for Black Knights. Considering the added protection & extra guards, he had evaded them all. Sneaking and skulking around shadows was his gift, after all.

Fools, he thought, One lone man escapes your watch, fully capable of disposing this new king of yours.

King Dragonheart bent the knee, awaiting his crown. The man on the roof, readied his crossbow, aiming for his target’s chest. He squinted, ready to deliver his killing shot.

He had his shot, and was ready to loose a bolt.


The man’s bolt misfired, missing Brand altogether, and catching the King’s nephew in the throat.

The man turned around in surprise, to see two orphan boys who had come up the roof only seconds before. While the man was caught off guard, all attention was diverted to the building. The sounds of hundreds of hundreds cheering almost instantly transitioned to screaming, cries of terror and chaos.  With the King’s nephew dying quickly and struggling for life, the Black Archers wasted no time in retaliating, letting loose some arrows his way. Before he could dodge, however, two of them caught him in the back; for the Black Archers were too quick on the draw for him.

He had given the archers their shot when he confronted the orphans. The man staggered and tumbled off of the building, landing with a crunch. Nearby guards ran to where he had fallen, and seized him.

If it was information the Dragon Knights were after, they had got none, for the assassin was certainly dead once he hit the ground. 
Later, it discovered, that underneath his leather jerkin, the man wore a tunic with a Fox design. With an assassination attempt on the king, the killing of a member of the royal family, and the discovery of the Fox standard, the war had begun.

February 3, 2012

Fooz Ball is for The Devil!

As many of you who read this blog may know, but I'll flat out say it - I'm a geek. Well, a "normal" (I could do a post about normalcy...when I'm feeling philosophical!) person who has geeky interests, and gets excited over movies, TV, books, music, artwork, etc...various aspects of the entertainment & technological field. (I know that doesn't really make one geeky, but if you know me, than you'd know what I'm talking about!)

However, I also like some sports. Watching, I mean. Because of my build, I'd be great for tennis /badminton / squash, golf, biking, walking...those types.

Perhaps it stems from centuries and centuries of watching humans compete against each other at something; such as the gladiators back in the days of the Roman Empire, and through cultural evolution, I picked it up. Maybe one of my ancestors participated in or was at a game once in Rome? 
Or even further back - watching cavemen or something fight over the last piece of meat.

Here's what I can recall about my experience with sports...
When I was a kid (about 5-10) I liked baseball. Maybe it was the cards? The logos? I forget the exact details. I know I liked the Expos & Blue Jays in the early '90s. There was a '3 way following' of the Jays between myself, my dad & grandfather (who has passed away about 4-5 years ago). I still keep up with the Jays ever so often as a tribute to my grandfather. Now, i don't like it enough to say that I like it.

I also like hockey. That's one sport I enjoy the most. 
I remember having a tiny red hockey stick when I was really young, (like 2-6) not a mini stick, but a toddler sized hockey stick. I also remember owning a small Oilers jersey. 
There was when The Great One was with them (Oilers) the Kings and the Rangers. There was also Bobby Or, Jarome Jagr, Brett Hull...Hasek...Brodeur...and it goes on from there to some of the hockey greats we have today.
I follow the Sens regularly throughout the Season and boo the Leafs, but come play off time, I break down who is playing who and root for a team of each section. Example: I like both Philly & Boston, but would rather see Boston advance if those two teams face each other.
One sport I was never really too 'keen' on was football. Maybe it the was the rules, the complexity? The points system or 'quarters'; but lately I've grown to appreciate it a bit more. 
It's a sport I'll only watch during the playoffs when things get really intense. Previously, it was a sport I only enjoyed watching in bars or pubs (only by glimpsing the screen from time to time, or replays), or highlights.
I started following it a bit more this year. It sucked when the Jets lost to Miami, and when the Ravens didn't advance. In the finals between the four teams, I was hoping to see the Baltimore Ravens take on the the New York Giants.

So this Super Bowl Sunday, I will be rooting for the Giants. Of the four teams, I feel they are the most 'solid', and would like to see them of everyone else...yet still...I wonder how a Baltimore vs NYG game would have played out?

Oh, by the way - if the Giants win, I may release a sample of my novella....

What sports, teams & players do you like?