August 9, 2018

Brainstorm: Possible Ideas for Upcoming Middle-earth Vinyl Releases

Quite recently, The Two Towers Complete Recordings got released for the first time on vinyl, and (re)released on CD, as well as various download/streaming services. The Return of the King is now up for pre-order in the complete recordings format (vinyl and CD), which will complete The Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings campaign.

But what about after that?

Back when The Fellowship of the Ring was announced for vinyl release, I did a similar post to this one. Perhaps there could be more Howard Shore Middle-earth music and soundtracks appearing on vinyl; announced closer to the release date for The Return of the King. Whatever they may (not) have planned, I'm going to have a look at what else could come out on vinyl.


- A trilogy box.
It may seem like a silly idea, but it would be neat if for the CD+blu-ray audio and vinyl lp releases of the Complete Recordings if there was an offer or something to get an empty box or slipcase to put all three Lord of the Rings soundtracks, so you basically 'build' your own, or build up to your own boxed set. The Complete recordings look very sharp on the shelves as it is (whether on CD or vinyl), but it would be cool if you could a box/slipcase to put them all in. This 'empty box' would not cost all that much.

- The Original Soundtracks
Sure, I (and many fans) consider The Complete Recordings to be the 'definitive' editions of the soundtracks, much like how the extended editions are seen as "definitive." However, I would not object to more Howard Shore Middle-earth music being released.

The Original Soundtracks could also arrive on vinyl. Not limited, 180g black vinyl, and 2 lp's each.

I could see them being sold individually, and in a boxed set. The boxed set could also feature all the 'character cards'. The individual releases could feature all the 'character cards'. per film, as well. The cards could come as separate pieces in their own sleeve, or as an (additional?) booklet.
The cover art would be the main movie poster for each film. In some regions, The Fellowship of the Ring featured a cover that wasn't the poster, however I'd like to see the poster used for continuity. Here is the existing cover art in CD format that could be replicated for the vinyl releases"
The Fellowship of the Ring:

The Two Towers:

The Return of the King:

Trilogy boxed set:  


It would also be great to see The Hobbit trilogy get its soundtracks on vinyl, as well.

Each soundtrack was released as a 2-CD edition. There most likely won't be "The Hobbit Complete Recordings", because there wasn't enough material to justify a re-release of the soundtrack. Because of that, the 2-CD editions served as a 'middle ground' between what would be the 'original  soundtracks' and a 'complete recordings.'

For the vinyl release, I can see it being the 'special editions', and each soundtrack being a 4LP set, as on CD, there were 2 discs. The packaging would be 'replicated' from the 2 CD special editions.

So that's a look at how I can see more of Howard Shore's Middle-earth music appearing on vinyl. I hope I'm great, as it would be great, and I would definitely pre-order any of the releases I talked about. 

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