May 1, 2018

Why I'm Voting for the Green Party

Hey all,

Not quite the update that I had been planning (big-ger post coming this week!) but I wanted to do a note slightly on politics.

Now, I don't usually talk about them much, even less on this blog (as that's not the nature of it).

In June, the province that I live in (Ontario) will be having an election for the premiere of the province. In general, for both provincial and federal, it's always a see-saw between the Liberal and Conservative parties. Which makes sense, given that they are the two 'biggest' or 'main' parties of Canada, as well as the provinces.

But you know what? I'm tired of it always being between those two. It's time to break the cycle.

Now I'm not saying this for the mere sake of wanting a change between who the Liberals and the Cons have up their sleeves for the Ontario Provincial election, or even the Federal one. That's a big part, but the other part is this - the environment. Sorry NDP, but you couldn't get your head on straight, as well. 

Having recently seen Infinity War at the cinema, there is one line that expresses my feelings towards the "politics and environment" topic: "There can't be a friendly neighborhood Spider-man if there's no neighborhood." Climate change, global's real. Now, I'm not saying that mankind is 100% to blame. There are weather patterns, etc, after all. But we are definitely not helping. So, if humankind's footprint on the planet is such a big deal, and super important, and must be minimized to save the planet....wouldn't it make sense to have somebody who is able to do that? Or at least seems to want to?

People are worried about the next generation inheriting debt, or being poor because of how things are going now....but me, I'm more concerned about the shape of the planet when my future kids get to be in their 20s and 30s.

I don't want to see or hear about young kids developing more allergies - or worse - due to the changing climate. I want my four seasons back. I want the planet to get a chance to heal. I don't want any more animals (or anything isn't human) to become endangered. I also realize that 'every day aver Joe' can only do so much, no matter how hard you try. The change has to come from somewhere higher.

So when it's time to vote; I won't be voting "for me", or voting to get Person X out, I'll be voting for the next generation, and for the planet, no matter what the chances of them winning are. I'll be voting for the future of our home. Break the cycle, save the planet.

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