May 2, 2018

My Journey of Tolkien Book Buying Nears Its End

Apologies if the title of this post is "awkward." I'm fairly certain I'm nearing the end of getting Tolkien (or Tolkien related) books.

This is a journey that begun as far back as late 2001, when I obtained my original reading copies; and has grown, steadily, over time ever since. Now, however, it feels as if I am truly near the end of the journey.

The thing with Tolkien books is, you never know what can, or could come out. I certainly never expected titles such as The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun, The Fall of Arthur, Beowulf, The Story of Kullervo, Beren and Luthien and now the upcoming The Fall of Gondolin.

Given the titles I have, the titles that exist, and what my interests are - it's safe to say that I feel the time is coming.

Now, I won't list everything that I own, but rather the next titles coming up that I want to get - regardless of how 'new' they are.

- the four titles by Veryln Flieger: Splintered Light, Interrupted Music, Green Suns and Faerie and There Would Always Be a Fairy Tale

- The Fall of Gondolin (coming August 2018)

- A Secret Vice (coming February 2019)

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

- Finn and Hengest

- The Monsters and the Critics

Once I get all those, that will essentially mark the end of my Tolkien book buying. Of course, one never knows what could come on the horizon....

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