March 29, 2018

"Tolkien Untitled"

Something interesting was discovered recently - there is a mysterious new Tolkien book on the horizon!

It's so much a mystery, that we don't know anything about it at this stage. It could even be listed in error! Assuming it isn't, what could it be? The first hope is The Fall of Gondolin, the last of the three 'Great Tales' of Middle-earth, two of which have gotten their own 'stand-alone' books.

It's also entirely possible that it could be a new edition of The Silmarillion, which has celebrated its 40th anniversary a few months ago.

Or, it could even be something brand new or mostly unheard of, the same way that The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun has caught us off-guard. The Trumpets of Faerie spring to mind, as it would be similar to Tales From the Perilous Realm.

At this time, it's only listed on Amazon UK, with the title "Tolkien Untitled." It's being published by Harper Collins on August 23. It'll have 304 pages, and will be available in standard hardback (depending on what the title is, one for "The Shelf!"), slipcased special edition, large print, and mostly ebook as well.

This is the ISBN for the special edition:

Here's the ISBN for the standard hardback:

I've added both to my Amazon wishlist so that I can see exactly what they are, as well as what the product info is (cover info, official description, etc) .

More on this when I know more myself..... 

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