January 10, 2018

Update On "The Hobbit Complete Recordings" and "The Music of the Hobbit Films" Book

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Yesterday evening, TheOneRing.Net hosted a live session with Doug Adams, 'musical scholar' for Howard shore's Middle-earth movie scores. He has assisted Howard tremendously with The Complete Recordings (even going so far to do the liner notes, which were expanded into its own book called The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films).

Last night, I asked my question (twice - once at the beginning of the session and properly during question time). I had asked: "Doug - can you provide any updates on either 'The Music of the Hobbit Films' book *OR* 'The Hobbit Complete Recordings?'

His answer, to paraphrase is this:

The Book:

- it is already completed in some form. (My guess is rough version, first draft etc.) He said "I'm looking at it right now, actually." This was during a live video session, so it most likely only exists digitally at this point. Either way, this is great news - the book is underway to some degree, and will be out....sometime! In my opinion, what he shared about the book was the better answer he provided.

The Complete Recordings:

- as of now, there are no current plans underway. That's not to say that it won't happen, however, it's not a garuntee that it will happen. There is interest, though. He also stated that most of The Hobbit music had been released already, so a need to justify a 'complete recordings' project isn't as "justified" as with The Lord of the Rings. He also stated that that was sort of one of the reasons why The Hobbit soundtracks were 2-discs each (if one bought them as CDs, that is.) So, the '2 disc editions' were sort of a 'middle ground' should there never be a Complete Recordings of The Hobbit music.

Again, I'm paraphrasing, and I do not intend to put words into Doug's mouth - I'm going off what he said, while adding my own commentary.

So that's the latest official word, as of now, in regards to both "The Hobbit Complete Recordings" and "The Music of the Hobbit Films" book!

Big shout-out and thanks to TheOneRing.Net for hosting, and relaying my questions during the session. 

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