July 10, 2017


In the past, I have been salty about the fact that the Nintendo Switch has gotten so many wii u games ported over to it. I understand that the wii u 'failed.' I personally quite enjoy mine and myself and my lady have a decent selection of games on it. So, to us, it wasn't a 'fail.' The wii u was essentially....a half and half, or an in between - it shares things in common with both the wii and the switch, but it just couldn't decide what type of console it wanted to be. This was mostly due to the marketing, also responsible for naming it "wii u." However, I can sort of see why it is. Heck, even trying to figure what games need the gamepad in terms of multiplayer is confusing. It honestly does vary game by game.

So, for me as a wii u owner, I kept saying "Why would I want a Switch?? So far it has all the games the wii u does!"After all, we buy new gaming consoles to play new games. That said, because a few people missed out on the wii u's games, I'm going to suggest some. This list, from a wii u owner, shows the console's strengths. Of course, any parts of the game that feature or make use of the gamepad would have to be removed.


New Mario Bros. U + New Luigi U

If one were to port this over to the switch, it obviously wouldn't have the "u" in the title. "New Mario Bros. Switch" implies that it is a whole new game, just for the Switch. I propose that if it makes it over to the Switch, to call it "New Mario Bros. 3." The reason behind this is, on the DS we had New Mario Bros. Then, on the wii, we had New Mario Bros. wii. After that, on the 3DS, came New Mario Bros. 2. Then of course, New Mario Bros. U for the wii u. So calling it the 3rd one makes sense, naming-wise to me. Unless they come up with a better title. And hey, why not throw in New Luigi U in there as well?? On the other hand, "New Mario Bros. Switch" [all new] would also be a welcome addition.

Sure many are looking forward to Mario Odyssey, however having this game on the Switch would a great opportunity for more Mario - especially if one isn't fond of 3D Mario games.

Mario 3D World + Captain Toad

Ah, Mario 3D, one of the reasons why I bought my wii u.... it's similar in design and engine to the 3D Mario game on the 3DS. This was one of the games I was hoping would sell a lot of consoles. The game is fairly large, offers multiplayer a la the New Mario games [all players all at once]. This is a 3D Mario game, but not really. You can move in and out of the background, but the levels do follow the 'left to right' pattern for the most part. It would also be neat if they included Captain Toad in the same game cart, or made it a 2-in-1 deal. 

This game was one of the wii u's strongest games, and I think it would do well on the Switch.
Possible title on the Switch: Mario 3D World DX, Mario 3DX World, Mario 3D World + Captain Toad


Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze

One of the wii u's best games. Nothing says "Nintendo" like classic Donkey Kong action! Due to the nature and sales of the wii u, this is somewhat of a 'hidden gem', even though it's part of a larger franchise - Donkey Kong!
Possible title on the Switch: Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze DX
Also welcome: a new Donkey Kong game, in the vein of Donkey Kong Returns, as well as this title.

Xenoblade X

Sure, the Switch is getting Xenoblade 2, however, to build up hype, offer a bundle etc, I see that as a perfect chance for Xenoblade X to get transferred over to the Switch. It could include all DLC. Prior to Zelda: Breat hof the Wild, this was one of the best, most-recent open-world games there were.
Possible title on the Switch: Xenoblade DX, Xenoblade X - Complete Edition


These (this?) game(s) I discovered while attempting to obtain an NES Classic. At that point, I knew that the wii u wasn't doing so well, and that there wouldn't be a whole lot more games coming out for it....which meant even less for me to get. So, I used some of my eshop balance and got both NES Remix and NES Remix 2. They were two games, available only on the wii u's eshop at first, and then on the 3DS as Ultimate NES Remix, and a physical disc copy for the wii u called NES  Remix Pack.

The games are a series of speed-challenges taken from a selection of games that were on the NES. There are some challenges that mixes them together, such as using Link in a Mario level.
Possible title on Switch: NES Remix Deluxe
Also welcome: Super NES Remix and possibly even Nintendo 64 Remix  


The Legend of Zelda HD Collection [Wind Waker + Twilight Princess]

The HD version of Wind Waker really showed what the wii u could do. It was colourful, vibrant, and the use of the gamepad was top notch. The imagine with the HD version of Twilight Princess HD left a bit to desired, but it was a vast improvement over the original - just not vast enough. I think dual release of the remasters would be great on the Switch, offering those who enjoyed Breath of the Wild a little bit more of a sampling from the Zelda series, if Breath of the Wild was their first Zelda game.

Smash Bros U

As much as I'd like there to be a "Smash Switch", I would not argue with the wii u version coming over - as long as the Switch will get a new installment.

The Switch edition can contain everything from the wii u edition [and perhaps the 3DS, as well??] making it a complete edition.
Possible title on Switch: Smash Bros: Championship Edition, Smash Bros. Ultra [or some such]

I will close off with some ideas. First up.....

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD [remake??]

It seems that the next Zelda game to be remastered on the check-list would be Skyward Sword. However...that game was built on motion controls, which is its downfall. One of a few. Nintendo could work around forcing motion controls, in favor of having it playable on the Switch. On the other hand, they could also re-build the game, as well.....

Some other full on remakes I'd like to see would be:
Zelda 87
Zelda: A Link to the Past
Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

When I say full-on remake, I'm not talking about remastering or enhancing what is already there, but essentially an all-new game, in that aspect. much like Square Enix is doing with Final Fantasy VII. It is still "Final Fantasy VII" but the game is completely redone.

As mentioned above, I'll recap some of my ideas here:

- Super NES Remix
- New Mario Bros. Switch
- Captain Toad 2
- Donkey Kong Switch
- F-Zero Switch
, or a HD version of the Gamecube game.
- Earthbound Collection
- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door HD, or a new game
- perhaps a few more Gamecube and wii games!

July 5, 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Master Trials [Trial of the Sword] Hints and Tips

So I won't spoil or give anything away here, but I was one of the lucky, or first few, to complete The Trial of the Sword, part of the new DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I managed to complete it on July 2nd. I didn't do it my first attempt, either. Due to my experience of trying it a few times, as well as how I play the game, I have general hints to help any who may still be struggling, as well as those who have yet to make an attempt:

- practice cooking. I'm sure you know how to cook, but I'm saying this so you can practice getting the most out of what you put into your dishes, as well as types of dishes. Just remember that a dish can't have two 'effects'.
- When possible, use your bombs. This will keep your weapons strong and going. Also, bombs are useful for fighting, as well as knocking over trees.
- knock over as many trees as you can. You'll get acorns and apples, which you can later cook with.
- thoroughly check each section before moving onto the next. In the final trials, I had a total of 9 Ancient Arrows. You can too, if you search hard enough.
- practice shield-parrying against Guardians. With your weakest shield, it's possible to one-shot the stationary variety with a successful deflection.
- try and save any ancient arrows you get for really though foes....such as lynels and Guardians
 - make sure you have Bombs+ and Stasis+. Stasis+ is great for un-horsing mounted foes, as well as temporarily freezing some foes for you to get 'that' shot in.
- try to 'pull' singular enemies towards you
- take your time, and carefully observe each room (floor, whatever) before you proceed.
- use the mid-air effect with your bow when possible. This allows for greater aim, which in turn saves you arrows, and weapon durability.
- do your best not to get hit. Weapons and arrows seem plentiful enough. But clothes, not so much.
- the trial is somewhat a mix of Eventide Island, and the all-star mode from Smash Bros, to give you an idea. You bring nothing with you, and come out with nothing, in terms of items you find. HOWEVER: before you begin the Trial, choose the Rito-down bed, or the full spa treatment to get additional hearts and stamina. ALSO, make and eat a dish that grants high defense seconds before starting the trial to give yourself a boost. These effects will still be active upon beginning of the trial.

Be patient, use your wits and your head, and best of luck!!

July 4, 2017

Tolkien Tuesday: Major Events

I discovered, and began a Tolkien fan, in 2001-2002. Because of that, I'm a little bit new to the game. That also means, in the years since, I've witnessed a few major events in the Tolkien area. Or, major publications if you will: deluxe editions and calendars celebrating a new book, or a new version of one.

Here they are, since when I became a fan:

2005: The Lord of the Rings 50th Anniversary. The book was corrected and reset, the new text has now become the new standard. The initial publications consisted of hardbacks, deluxe editions and calendars, among other items.

2007: The Children of Hurin. In a story that has been told before, in such place as The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, The Tale of The Children got its own stand-alone release in 2007. Initial publications consisted of hardbacks, deluxe editions, and calendars for 2008.

2009: The Silmarillion illustrated by Ted Nasmith: calendar. It was high-time that Ted Nasmith's artwork from The Silmarillion, which he illustrated and was published in 2004, got released in calendar forma. It's a few years after the initial publication of the book itself (Ted Nasmith's illustrated edition, I mean) but it is fantastic and fits perfectly beside Alan Lee's illustrated The Hobbit and also Lee's The Lord of the Rings boxed set.

2013: The Hobbit illustrated by Jemima Catlin. As much as I adore Alan Lee's artwork, Jemima Catlin's bring a fresh, whimsical and enchanting take on "Tolkien art"; and it suits the book quite well. Many consider The Hobbit to be a "children's book." If that's the case, then Catlin's artwork blends in perfectly with the charming text. Her artwork, and the way it's incorporated into the text, will remind you of classic 'story books', or books such as The Wind in the Willows. The event was celebrated with hardbacks, a deluxe edition edition, and a calendar for 2014.

2017: The Hobbit 80th Anniversary. The 80th anniversary was celebrated with the release of The Hobbit facsimile first edition boxed, as well as a calendar of Tolkien's black and white artwork he illustrated himself for the book.

2017: Beren and Luthien. Possibly the last Middle-earth book (not counting future anniversary (example: The Lord of the Rings 75th anniversary edition) or illustrated editions) to ever be released, the event was celebrated by way of publishing the book in hardback, deluxe edition, and a calendar for 2018. 

So there you have it! As you can see, since becoming a Tolkien fan, I've seen quite a few interesting publication events. Who knows what'll come in the years to come....

Canada 150 Weekend

Well this weekend was quite a blast.

Lots of cities this past weekend were hosting large extravagant events for Canada 150 (the 150th anniversary of our country becoming a country). However, to the vast amount of traffic, as well as the fact that my lady and I missed out on The Epic New Year's Party, we decided to keep it small(er) and hang around the neighbourhood.

Some really good friends of the family (I consider them family, in fact) hosted their annual Canada Day BBQ Pool Party which they've been doing for the most part since they got their pool put in.....geez, quite a few years ago now. It was loads of fun.

Thanks to Red racer's two mix packs, Across the Nation (East and West) I took a drinking tour of Canada! I went from West to East. Sunday was recovery day (which should be renamed unofficially to Day of the Dead) and Monday was just lounging around. Today was back to reality.

So thank you Canada, and here's to another 150 years.

Oh, and that 150 logo? "The official emblem of the sesquicentennial was designed by Ariana Cuvin, a then-19-year-old student in the University of Waterloo's global business and digital arts program. It consists of 13 multi-coloured diamonds forming a maple leaf; Cuvin stated that the four diamonds forming the emblem's base represented Canada's four original provinces, while the others represented the provinces and territories that had joined since. The government officially described the emblem as reflecting Canada's unity and diversity."