April 26, 2017

Second Round Picks

The Sens have made it to Round 2!!

As great as this is, I will also examine the rest of Round 2 and give my thoughts on who I want to see win, and move on.

Ottawa had a few close calls against Boston, but they made it through. So, without further ado, the rest.....

Washington vs Pitssburgh: Washington
I'm sorry, Pens, but you're not all high-and-mighty, or holier-than-tho.

Nashville vs St Louis: St Louis
I'd love to see St Louis advance!!

Anaheim vs Edmonton: Edmonton
This round will be tricky....

So, here's hoping Round 2 will go as I hope. Ottawa facing off against Washington for the Eastern Final, and Edmonton facing off against St Louis in the Western final. I would love to see an Ottawa - St Louis cup game, or an Ottawa - Edmonton one.

We'll see.....

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