March 9, 2017

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Premiere Date + How It Could Affect The Winds of Winter's Publication Date

The premiere date is July 16. 

Which means….the absolute earliest that Winds can come this year would be…..the week of September 3. Also, if George doesn’t say “the book is coming out this year” or whatever BY October, it will not be published in 2017.  

I arrive at this conclusion because it would be silly of them to release the book WHILE the show is airing, despite them being 2 different things. October or later means that the book won’t have enough time to ‘become’ a book to be out in 2017. Ultimately, it means George has pretty much until Season 7 premieres to finish the writing the book if it’s to come out this year.


Jack John said...

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