January 3, 2017

2017: Sports

With the new year, there are a few things I look forward to. This entry will focus on sports.

I was never really a big sports guy. I’ve watched, followed and enjoyed my local NHL team, the Ottawa Senators, as far back as about 96/97. Recently, I followed other teams as well – Tampa Bay Lightning and St Louis Blues, chiefly, but not exclusively. Before that, my grandfather and I enjoyed following the Blue Jays (1990 – 1995-ish), as well as my father.  It was in the past year that I got back into baseball, because of how well the Jays were doing. In the past couple of years as well, I’ve been following a few NFL teams. So really, in the past few years I’ve been following sports when “something” was happening – The World Cup, FIFA, Team Canada (hockey) etc…. and now, the Ottawa Redblacks have won the Grey cup, and have been on fire since about 2014.

So since I’ve given you a quick glimpse of my past with sports, I’ll say what I’m looking forward to seeing / happening this year.


I’m looking forward to seeing, and hoping, that the Senators have a great ending in 2017. By ending I mean January to hopefully the Stanley Cup. Now, since Ottawa isn’t the only team I like (though they are my favourite) I would also like to see the St Louis blues do well in the West. I also hope that Tampa does well, in Ottawa’s place. Here’s hoping that Ottawa wins the Stanley Cup!

There have also been rumors, musings and rumblings about the Senators getting a new arena. We’ll see if that happens this year. Since it’s 25 years since the Sens ‘came back’ it would be great due to that fact. Also, I’m sure that whenever that happens, there’s bound to be some great deals on tickets…..


Well, I only watch for the Jays. I hope to follow the team a little bit more, and hopefully they’ll win the World Series!


NFL: I don’t want to see the following teams do well: New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, or Oakland Raiders. Some of the teams I’d like to see do well: Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, and Seattle Seahawks.

CFL: I only watch for the Redblacks, so here’s hoping they have a great season and win the Grey Cup yet again….seeing as Ottawa is hosting the next one. I hope to see a game or two this season, as well as get a jersey.

OTHER / Closing Thoughts: I’ll also check out whatever special soccer events happen during the year as well. Since I don’t have cable (sports is the thing I miss – being ABLE to watch games), I will most likely catch games at the pub, or go to a few of them. By ‘them’ I’m referring to the Redblacks. At the very worst, I follow some teams on social media, and theScore app, so I’ll always be in the loop even though I may not be able to actually WATCH some of these games.

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