November 4, 2016

Here's to the Weekend

Well the weekend is finally here.

Thank God.

This week seemed to creep and crawl, taking it’s sweet-ass time to get here. It wasn’t without enjoyment or merit, however.

I’ve revised my manuscript thus far, as well as fixed some vocabulary. I’ve added sentence after that so I know where to head to next, or what my parting idea was that I could not fully develop at that time. I’ve done a few blog posts as well, as you might have seen. I’m not intending for this to happen, but it seems every time I do a blog post lately, something about Tolkien pops up!

The book I’m reading is also coming along well. I’m finishing off Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Trilogy, and am on the third book, Excalibur. Once I finish that, I’m not quite sure what I’ll feel like reading. I know what I have that’s unread, it’s just a question of what kind of mood I’ll be in when I finish Excalibur. Will it be Neil Gaiman? Will I finally get around the reading Alice? (I’ve got a sort of collection book that has both stories plus a bit more in it). There’s a couple options but in my review here on the blog for Excalibur I’ll mention what I’ll decide to open up next.

I’m also reading on my Kobo. At work during lunch, and on the bus I’m reading The Elfstones of Shannara still. After I finish that, I’ll read Wishsong, and then something non-Shannara after that.

Haven’t been watching that much TV….been playing a bit of Skyrim here and there as well. My character is level 51, Imperial, heavy armor, no shield, and using a sword as a weapon. My magic is destruction for attack (mostly fire based), restoration for recovery after a fight / during one, and alteration for extra protection going into one. In terms of talent trees, aside from a few perks to enhance destruction, restoration, alteration, one-handed (sword based) and heavy armour usage, I’m also enchanting and smithing. I’m close to unlocking the perk that lets me put two enchantments on one item. As soon as I’m able to do that, I’m going to maximize my stahlrim armour. My gear is pretty good too. Going from Oblivion  into Skyrim, I knew how an Elder Scrolls game ‘functioned’ but your first character in any game (especially Elder Scrolls) no matter how much previous experience you have with previous installments, is more of experimenting as you figure the game out. My first character got to lvl 47 so it wasn’t too bad. I think it was corrupt game saves or something that made start over again, not dissatisfaction with my character. I will say the best way to defeat a tough opponent is this: Marked for death shout, dragon aspect, power attacks.

I’m also gearing up for Christmas, slowly. If finances allow (and so far they have) I always like to finish my shopping by Dec 1, at the latest.  There may have been the odd year that I’ve finished on the 9th or something, but generally, if I can finish before December, I’m happy. If it turns out a few days into December, no big deal. I just prefer to avoid the crowds etc. I’m going to do some shopping + browsing tomorrow morning. So my next bunch of purchases, deliveries etc aren’t for me ultimately! Tomorrow morning I may completely finish someone on my list. There are 1 or 2 I’m still undecided on what exactly to get. The important thing is, I’ve started on everyone!

So that’s what’s going on with me right now.

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