September 21, 2016

Mario Maker: Back to the Building Blocks

I've taken a bit of a break from Mario Maker, but lately I started making levels again. I was occupied with reading, Skyrim, and other things. I still am, but I've gotten back into Mario Maker a little bit.

I'm almost finished the 'game' I'm making. Currently I have 1-1 - 9-4 posted, and the game will end at level 10-4. So that means I need more stars in order to post 10-1 - 10-4.

Here is the start of my game, level 1-1....  . Log in with your Nintendo ID, and bookmark it. Alternatively, the code is: EE59-0000-0293-6CFA .

Enjoy, check out the levels I have posted, and be sure to star them (if you like them) so that I can upload the final world. And won't THAT be fun and challenging.... I should have those completed by Monday, I only lack stars to upload the final four levels.

Please note that none of my levels are 'troll' levels or auto levels.  

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