August 22, 2016

Courage, it Couldn't Come at a Worse Time

So lately you may have been hearing about a band in the news or on social media called The Tragically Hip. Also known as "Canada's Pearl Jam". Let me tell you why.

Earlier this year, the band's singer, Gord Downie, had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Shortly after the news broke, the band announced a (potential) farewell tour. I phrase it like that, because, really, the future of the band is dependant on Gord's health as time goes on. Apparantly, he has received treatment, and it's gone well, but there's no cure for his particular case.

This past Saturday, as the band's (potentially) final show, of that tour, in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. Oh yes - they're Canadian!

I'm unfamiliar with the band, for the most part. Since they are Canadian, I've heard a good number of their songs throughout the years - music videos on much music, on the radio, etc. Outside of that, I haven't paid that much attention. I only know most of their singles nd hits: whatever went onto the radio, or Much Music as far back as '94, as late as '97 is when I started to hear their stuff. I've liked what I've heard but I've always had other musical priorities. They've been around since the late '80s - early '90s, but it was was the mid '90s that the band took off and I started to hear of them more and more.

I'll quickly run down some of their more famous I recognize by name, and by ear: Music at Work (possibly my fave all time 'rock' song they have), 38 Years Old, Ahead by a Century, Fifty Mission Cap, Courage, Poets, Bobcaygeon, At the Hundredth Meridian....there's so many of them. Some I know by sound but not title.

All of those and more can be found on Yer Favourites, a greatest hits compilation released back in '05 but has been selling enormously well due to the diagnosis. The tracks were picked by the band's fans via an online poll on their website.

I urge you to check their music out. I could most likely name the amount of times I've held the CD I've mentioned in my hands, hming and hawing about buying it, only to get a phoje call, text, notice my bus was coming soon...etc...etc....but I only just got it (via itunes) quite recently.

So hop on youtube, itunes, Google Play, what have you, and check out samples from Yer Favourites, and hopefully, they will become your favourites too. If you're more the 'album' type? Then it's Fully Completely you'd want. They're like Pearl Jam..a bit. they may remind you of REM.... a bit. But if you like "that '90s rock sound" you'll most likely dig them.

And now, I leave you with most likely my fave song of the band's (that I've heard so far...), and wishing Gord nothing but the best. Who knows, maybe it will go well enough, health-wise that we may get a farewell tour, and YOU may get to see them.

So now, that song:

And if you want to donate to help Gord? THIS is the place to go and do so:

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