June 30, 2016

Future of the British Isles

I am a big fan of history, and historic events. Brexit happened, and as of July 2016, we don't know what the future will hold.

Due to my interest in history as mentioned above, to me, it's interesting to see how the UK will change, if there is is any further change beyond separating from EU.

So I'm going to have a look, and share a few thoughts with "Potential future of the British Isles." Please note, that that is not in any shape or form intended to be treasonous or disrespectful, but rather a speculative look at an unknown future.

First up, we have a flag that combines England and Wales, leaving out Scotland and (United?) Ireland :

Next up, is a map, as well as a re-naming of portions of the UK. I gotta, say, I like the names selected for the regions, as well as what regions will go where. To me, as a Canadian, it seems logical. But of course, a citizen of England, Wales, Ireland (either) or Scotland may disagree....

So, we have "The Celtic Union of Ireland & Scotland" (I call it "Celtic Union" for short). This comprises Scotland (in this case, moving away from England and using the Scottish poud, possibly, as the currency) and "United Ireland", which unifies Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Then, we have the "United Kingdom of England Wales" (the United Kingdom for short, of course). This consists of...well, England now, and Wales now.

So that's basically it! I'll keep an eye out for future scenarios or articles. Who knows what will happen in the future, and future generations will study in geography classes. To be honest, I always found it a tad odd that Wales is not represented on the Union Jack...why not? They've got a dragon on their flag. I remember alternative flag designs around the 2014 Scottish ref.

What will the future hold? Will Scotland go independent? Will they join up with another country, as shown here? Will Ireland unite, North & Republic? If yes, still part of the UK?

I wish the UK nothing but the best of luck in the future. and hope that things settle don and get better after the past little bit.

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