June 25, 2016

Brexit: All You Need to Know + Thoughts From an Outsider

Yes, the Welsh flag. Brexit happened, and it's not just England that got affected: the entire UK (as it's presently known)  is affected. That's right: the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish. I chose the Welsh flag to show that it's not just England.

So, I'm dong up this post because I saw an article I saw on BBC I wanted to share with my readers, whether or not they live in the UK. Well, especially if they live in the UK. It can be found here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-32810887?ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=facebook

And also: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36619817?ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ns_source=facebook

Look, I don't want to piss anyone off on my blog. My intent is to inform, and entertain. Something sensitive like politics, I usually tend not to dabble in due to extreme opinions of others. After a momentous event such as Brexit, I saw an article saying "everything you need to know."

I live in Canada, so I don't know first-hand if the UK leaving Europe is a good thing or not. Maybe it's bad. Maybe change is good. Either way, things will definitely change in the future. Will there be a second ref.? Will Scotland go independant because of this? Will there be a United Ireland, in our out the UK?

I love the UK, I really do. I definitely need to go back, and on my second trip I'd like to see more of Scotland and Wales. I'll wait until 'the dust settles', though.

In the end, all I ask of you, whether or not you live in the UK, is when it comes to vote for anything; make an informed decision. Do your research. Weigh the pros and cons of your intended checkmark. You can make a difference. And, if you don't vote (and are able to) you don't have a right to complain. "Oh I should have voted for X!" "Why Did I vote for Y....?"

As you say in the UK, "Keep Calm and Carry On."

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