April 24, 2016

Easier to Find Tolkien Hardbacks

Ok, I realize something now: when I suggest Tolkien books to get, I tend to favour my preferred editions of the books. At the time I publish those posts, they may be in stock. But, months later, they may not be, thus making them harder to find, even online. This post is for those who may not have the time and effort to go hunting after a particular edition; or anyone wishing to get hardbacks of Tolkien's books. 

The numbers I'm listing below are the ISBN, a direct link to a particular version of the book. I even put them in bold. In my research before writing this post, I have found some pretty common ones. So check these 'easier to find' hardback editions by plugging in the ISBN into whichever site you plan to buy them from [or search the ISBN on Google to read more about them. they are pretty basic, but still nice, and cost-effective.]


First up, we have The Hobbit, where it all began.

If you're shopping in Canada using Chapters, I recommend this:

9780007487301. [Note: the matching Lord of the Rings volumes are out-of-print (for some reason...) and very difficult and pricey to find. This edition of The Hobbit, however, works very well 'on it's own'. It's in hardback, and it's easy enough to find.]

If you're not using Chapters, are not fussy about what website to use, etc, then here is a great edition that Amazon.com (US) and the Book Depository (UK based, but free shipping) carry well enough:
9780547953830 *

 Next up, we have The Lord of the Rings, which can be sold as 1 one large book featuring the complete novel, or the 3 books that most people are familiar with. (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King), Of course, there is a box set as well.

* If you want The Lord of the Rings as a large single volume *

9780618645619 *

* If you'd rather The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King *

The Fellowship of the Ring: 9780395489314 *
The Two Towers: 9780395489338 *
The Return of the King
: 9780395489307 *
Box Set: 9780395489321 * [the same as above, except you get a box-sleeve that they slide out of. The books themselves are the same]. 

Other Tolkien books:

Let's not forget about the other stuff!

The Silmarillion:
9780808521402 ; 9780618135042 *

Unfinished Tales:

9780618154043 *

And last but not least....

The Lord of the Rings Reader's Companion

9780618642670 *The Companion is an annotated reader's guide which gives an awesome study of the evolution of the text, as well as some great material if you want a more in-depth reading experience. A definite recommendation on my part.

And that's it for the principal Middle-earth books! Anything marked with a "*" means that it'll go with other books that have been assigned that marker -  matching set, if you will.

These books I've posted about are stocked well enough (depending on the site you visit. I suggest, chapters.ca (or barnesandnoble.com if you live in the US), amazon.com, or bookdepository.com), and they are as reasonably priced as well. 

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