January 12, 2016

No Book? No Problem!

So, here’s another article about this subject – since The Winds of Winter isn’t out yet, Game of Thrones will ‘pass’ the story. I’m writing this post as an opinion piece.

We all know by now that Game of Thrones is based on an (as of now) incomplete book series by George R.R. Martin, called A Song of Ice and Fire. For (most) of the five seasons, the HBO series has followed the books, but not exactly to the T, and with some alterations created solely for the show. However, this upcoming season, Season 6, there won’t be a book out for the show to follow.

Because of this, many book readers are worried that the show will reveal certain things before the next book is published. I would rather read something, than watch it for a 'reveal'. I’ve come to the realization (after much thought) that I’m not worried. I understand completely if others will stop watching the show because of that fact. What follows is why I’m not worried.

Since the book isn’t out yet, we don’t know WHAT will be ruined, or at which point the show will ‘pass’ the books in actual story, or go into the direction the crew has decided upon themselves.
From as early as Season 3, there have been a few minor changes here and there to gradually make the show vastly different from the book series. Those changes began to become more noticeable, and even stand out, in Seasons 4 and 5. Are they in fact changes? Or are the characters making a few detours on the path they follow in the books? For example, did Jaime go to Drone instead of the Riverlands, or will he get there there at some in the show? Season 1 was about 85% - 90% accurate to the first book; if my memory serves well. IF the rest of the seasons maintained that faithfulness to the source material, THEN I’d be concerned about the show moving past where the books have left off. BUT, since we / I have been steadily ‘weaned’ off the source material, it’s so different, that it does not matter if The Winds of Winter is published now or not. The only thing, is that book readers can say “I read the book first” even if Season 6 is not even remotely close to Book 6 (Winds). Having that claim, and possible ‘ahead-of-time’ knowledge gave book readers a (potential) edge.

What I’m getting at, is that I’m not going to allow the fact that a book ISN’T out yet to impact my enjoyment of a show. Just like I won’t allow what’s shown on TV to affect my reading of unpublished books. The show is one of my favorite currently-made shows at the moment [as well House of Cards, Dragons, Hell on Wheels, Halt and Catch Fire,  Daredevil, Vikings…]

So, bring it on. As much as I love the books, I also like the show (but the books more.) I wish George all the best for completing The Winds of Winter, and also for starting up A Dream of Spring, when that time comes. This isn't a situation that I'm fond of, the show 'getting ahead', but there it is.

And HBO? This is what I want for my final season of Game of Thrones Season : either 12-16 55-ish minute episodes, or 10 episodes, with 1 and 10 being over the 55 minute mark, at the least. Don’t put out a movie (in the cinema sense.) If you do a TV movie, might I suggest A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms….. 

[this blog has been spoiler-free, and will continue to be so, by the way.]

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