November 20, 2015

"Mario Maker" Update: Nov. 20 - Dec. 11

Well folks, here is my latest Mario Maker offering!

I've decided to keep the original theme, and keep my levels posted an extra few days / another week, due to the forthcoming holidays. Dec. 11 - Jan. 8 will be my final set of the year, and hopefully winter themed....

Anyway, here are the new levels Oh, and keep an eye out for amiibo Mushrooms - I've hidden them quite well in some levels. So far this update and the ones to follow, keep an eye out for them.....

"Super Mario Land: A Tribute" : EE7D-0000-00F2-DE84

"Super Mario Land: 1-2 Remix" : A8F6-0000-00F2-DFCC

"Super Mario Land: 1-3 Remix" : 9327-0000-00F2-E0A7


"Koopalantis 1" : 081E-0000-00F2-E1A1

"Koopalantis 2" : F30C-0000-00F2-E2B1

"Koopalantis 3" : 58AB-0000-00F2-E32E

"Kooplantis 4" : 3A68-0000-00F2-E3D5

' * '(you can't make 'worlds' yet in the game...well you can, but you can't 'connect' them to make a 'game'...especially online. These 'bonus levels' marked as " * "supplement my A-1 - D-4 from last time. I'm working on, as a 'main game' levels A-A - D-D, and the 'bonus levels' to THOSE (in the update AFTER A-A - D-D gets posted) will be marked as "*-A, *-B, *-C, and *-D.)

"*-1" : 6153-0000-00F2-E498

"*-2" : 00FF-0000-00F2-E4B4

"*-3" : 79DA-0000-00F2-E4C8

"*-4" : 7D65-0000-00F2-E597

"The Lost Levels: A Tribute" : 48B1-0000-00F2-E623

"The Lost Levels 9-1: Marker Remix" : D8B0-0000-00F2-E641

"The Surface" [meant to follow 9-1, or any underwater Lost Levels level] : 83CF-0000-00F2-E765

"Classic Castle: Maker Remix" : CA98-0000-00F2-E800

And that's it for Mario Maker! Be sure to 'star' them [if you like them] so I may post levels at once, and therefore, upload / remove less often. Once I have enough stars, my fav and best will go up, and stay there.

I also recently got The Hobbit extended edition blu-ray trilogy, and will review that once I'm finished watching The Hobbit: Part 3.

Have a great weekend!

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