October 12, 2015

"Mario Maker" Levels: Oct 9 - 23

So here are some of my Mario Maker levels that I currently have up! I'll have each set up for about 2-4 weeks to give people a chance to play, but also because I'm only allowed a set number at this point. I'll do update posts (not in this post) of levels / sets as they get updated.

"Winter is Coming" [5493-0000-005F-6444]. Yes, it's a Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones inspired level!

"Super Mario Land: A Tribute" [1EB2-0000-0061-D94D] The first level of Super Mario Land re-created.

"The Lost Levels: A Tribute" [C5FB-0000-0096-EE71] The first level of The Lost Levels re-created.

"The Lost Levels 9-1: Maker Remix" [DF33-0000-0096-EE92] 9-1 of The Lost Levels re-created with a few differences

"The Surface" [160A-0000-0096-EEBD] Follows 9-1. A level of my own design which hopefully feels like a Lost Levels level.

"Classic Castle: Maker Remix" [D5FD-0000-0096-EEEC] A castle level, in the style of Super Mario 1 / The Lost Levels, with a few new elements from Mario Maker thrown in.

"Welcome to Mario Maker! (1-1)" [4397-0000-00a1-e6fd] Welcome to the beginning of my 'game'!

"The Underground (1-2)" [FC1E-0000-00A1-E752]

"Lowlands (1-3)" [2B0A-0000-00A1-EA54]

"The First Boss (1-4) [2FBE-0000-00A1-EB05]

"That's New! (2-1)" [CB87-0000-00A1-EB60] What you can do in the game begins to show...

"Koopa Cavern (2-2)" [7644-0000-00A1-EBA9] Pay attention to the 'clue'....

"Bullet & Cliff (2-3)" [DBA5-0000-00A1-EC13]

"The Two Guardians (2-4)" [634A-0000-00A1-EE4B]

"Plant-trap Pass (3-1)" [90FF-0000-0096-ED75] Mario must navigate through all the various plant life (and other foes) that stand between him and the end!

"Mushroom Mines (3-2)" [CEBE-0000-0096-EDA2] Three different options exist for progressing through each section of the mines. Can you find them all?

"Pipe Plains (3-3)" [0C32-0000-0096-EDDA] A network of pipes comprise most of this level. Basic ground levels, but designed a bit different.

"Shell Stronghold (3-4)" [6DC4-0000-0096-EE04] In the finale of this set / World 3, you face off against pretty much anything that has a shell on its back....

Keep an eye out in about two weeks or so when the lineup changes - I'll do a similar post so you may search up and try my levels! 

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