June 15, 2015

Into the Unknown

Well, it happened.

The last episode of Game of Thrones: Season 5, Episode 10, marks the end of the published material being brought to the screen. Here and there, there could have been a few spots out of A Song of Ice and Fire: Book 6, The Winds of Winter; but the show is so different from the books now, does that count? George seems to be doing everything he can to get that book out before Season 6 starts next March/April. If the book is not ready by then, fear not: the show won’t ‘ruin’ anything. As mentioned before, the show is so different from the books at this point, it matters not.

Though it would be nice to READ ‘what happens next’ as opposed to SEEING it, no matter how similar it is or not. The show is going to last until AT LEAST Season 7. I’m hoping for a two-part season, like Breaking Bad and others, with Season 7 being two parts, of 7 episodes each; with the final episode being 2 hours long. No ‘movies’. Game of Thrones is a TV show, and it should stay on that medium. As of now, from Season 6 onwards, NOBODY will know what happens next. Those book-show analysis posts will vanish. Here’s hoping George feels that Book 6 is good to go before Season 6 begins. I’m fine either way, but I’ve anticipating the next book for a while now.
And besides: sure George may get Book 6 out before next year’s episodes, but what about the year AFTER that?

[for those that watch the show on blu-ray only, as well as buy it, expect Game of Thrones: Season 5 to arrive Feb. 2016, as is customary] 

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