June 10, 2015

Best of Beau's 2015 Winners + A Tease of Oktoberfest

Beau's has finally announced the final 4, aka the winners, of the Best of Beau's.

Here is what they had to say, including one of the beers which will be in the Oktoberfest. Take it away, Beau's.....

Beau’s Brewery has announced the selections for the 2015 “Best of Beau’s” Holiday 4-pack, which will launch into LCBO stores this November. Once again, Beau’s let fans of its beer drive the process of deciding what brands would be included, through online voting. The 2015 pack will include two bold, dark offerings (Screamin’ Beaver Oak-aged Double IPA, & Matt’s Sleepytime Belgian-Style Imperial Stout) and two flavourful wheat beers (Fous Alliés Mango Saison, & Patio Saison). Nearly 3,500 votes were cast over the past three weeks to choose the winning beers, up from 2,000 in 2014. This was the fourth consecutive year the brewery let Best of Beau’s voting determine which of the beers produced in the last 9 years would go into the 2015 Mix-pack. Here’s a summary of the 2015 selections, in the order of most votes received:
  • Fous Alliés is based on a classic, refreshing and snappy saison style, with an intriguing mango fruit twist.
  • Matt’s Sleepy Time is an imperial stout that has been fermented with Belgian Ale yeast, and aged on oak.
  • Screamin’ Beaver is an amped up version of spring seasonal Beaver River, dry hopped and aged on oak.
  • Patio Saison* offers up mild pepper-and-clove spice in harmony with both the citrusy zest of organic orange peel, and the floral aroma of organic elder flower.
[*Beau’s elected to exclude the 4th top-voted beer, And Boom Gose the Dynamite, from the Holiday Mix Pack, and replace it with a close second in the voting, Patio Saison. And Boom Gose the Dynamite has already been chosen for the Beau’s Oktoberfest Mix-Pack, so Beau’s decided to favour an ultimately wider selection of beers.]
The mix pack, containing 4 signature 600 ml bottles, will be sold for $26 in LCBOs across Ontario, as well as direct from the brewery, and through home delivery in Ottawa via BYBO (www.bybo.ca). The 4-packs are expected to be on the LCBO shelves in November, just in time for the holiday season.

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