May 13, 2015

2015 Ottawa Comic Con Report

What a great weekend at the con.

This year, I came as prepared as I could: I printed off a map of the floor plan (not necessary due to my guide book), as well as compiled a list of comics I wanted to get a hold of. Guest-wise, in terms of Q&As and autographs was extremely minimal this year. Actually, no autographs due to my comic budget, and the fact that I bought a brand new phone, when it is still considered ‘new’ on the market! [the iphone 6 64GB] That’s OK, though – meant I got to enjoy a different side of the con this year (wandering and shopping) as opposed to waiting for Q&As. The deluxe is definitely worth it, though if you never been to the con or have no set agenda, the regular suits just fine. Due to my geekery, I opt for deluxe.

Hardly any, if any, complaints at all. Mine would be associated with the fact I was there all weekend, and did a lot of walking. But you know what? That’s ANY con you go to, or any week-end long event. Likewise with the crowds. There were only a few comics I couldn’t get.

So all in all, a great time, and I look forward to next year’s. Who knows what surprises (and guests) it’ll bring.

Let’s see if we can break 40 000, Ottawa.

I managed to get:

Knightfall Vol. 1-3
No Man’s Land Vol. 1 [I ordered 2-4]
Batman Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 (with Vol. 1 being ‘Court of Owls’) were also ordered

I would also like to pick up in the near future some Daredevil stories (2 trades) as well as V For Vendetta [that one I wasn’t looking for during the con. Now that I’ve picked up some, I added it to ‘the list’, which is small for comics at the moment. Not sure if there will be a list for next year’s con though, as I had catching up to do.]

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