May 20, 2015

Best of Beau's 2015 Voting: Round 1

It’s now time to start choosing your favourites!

Beau’s is letting their drinkers choose which 4 bottles will go into the Best of Beau’s 2015 Mix Pack. Head on over here to begin voting. They’re doing it a bit different this year, it appears to be in a series of ‘rounds’ (of pints?) .

So head on over, vote wisely, and hope for the best!

My picks:

- Wag the Wolf
- Boghopper
- Mission Accomplished
- Rudolphous VI
-  Opa’s Gose
- Dry Irish Stout
- Doc’s Feet
- Bogfather
- Hogan’s Goat
- Ellsmere’s Regret
- Burnt Rock
- Two Week’s Notice
- Oktobock
- Bottle Imp
- Rauchstack 

My custom set, "Moumou's Selection 2015" would consist of:

- Wag the Wolf
- Opa's Gose
- Dry Irish Stout
- Hogan's Goat

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