December 2, 2014

Wii U: Super Smashed

According to Gamnesia, and other gaming sites, there is a major error which can, effectively, 'final smash' your WII U and the Smash Bros U game. Read about it here:

Very scary indeed. Bugs, glitches, crashes are one thing...but something on this scale is worrisome.

I own the game and have been playing it often within the past two weeks, and everything is fine on my end of things. Once I saw the severity of this bug, however, I have decided not to play until there is an update or patch from Nintendo, either for Smash Bros. U, the WII U itself, or both (I'm playing other games in the meantime).

I do have some observations, though:

- I'm one of those people who doesn't like to leave discs in players, drives, consoles etc. So when I finish playing, I always take the disc out and put it back in the case. Which means I don't 'turn off' the console while the game is running. I always press 'Home', then close software. Then I take the disc out, and shut off the console. [it's old habit: my OCD / ADD or whatever of putting things back, as well as being a longtime gamer, I've always taken Nintendo games out of the system when done). So if you insist on playing Smash Bros U, I HIGHLY recommend this practice of a proper shut down.
 I have also noticed that there are moments or spots in the game where you CAN'T press 'Home' - the game does not allow you. This is usually during gameplay. I think menu selection and character selection etc are instances of where you can.

- Since Smash Bros. U is one of those games like Mario Kart that does not have 'save files' (Legend of Zelda, Mario, etc). but constantly auto or self saves; I believe it is gamers turning the system off during these 'you can't go 'Home'' moments' (you are unable to acess the 'Home' menu and get a  that may contribute to the glitch. 

Nintendo, if you're reading this, please recommend my shut down method, as well as look into various areas and aspects of Smash Bros. U to get us all gaming again.

I hope that this is an easy fix (update or patch) and does not hurt Nintendo too badly.   

[for analytical / stat purposes for Nintendo, if they are reading this: my WII U is the 32GB deluxe Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker bundle edition. I have Smash Bros. U as a physical copy, and all of my data is saved onto the WII U itself.]


Apparantly that initial error message has come up a few very rare cases before with the release of other WII U games (Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, etc..) so it's not Smash Bros. U itself that's the problem. Just make sure you're careful online, and you properly shut everything down when you're finished. Also, these could be 'modded' or 'hacked' (by the user) systems. Routinely check the WII U (or any electronic equipment you posses) to make sure it's not too dusty and is properly ventilated. Also handle the discs carefully so they will not get dirty or scratched.

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