October 26, 2014

All Empires End

Tonight on HBO is the final episode of Boardwalk Empire.
Here is a 'Final Shot' video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2NqtIq3U64&list=PLO79iP69FaZOYtjEpHb2OMIQgzu4qRduM 

Hard to believe that the end has come for this HBO prohibition drama. I admit, I have not yet seen season 4 or 5, but I shall get to it - shortly. At least they knew going into season 5 that it would be the final season. I was hoping that the show would run from 6-8 seasons. It seems to have had a decent run, however.  

To me, Boardwalk was one of those shows that was pretty good (from what I saw) but the vast majority of people were watching other shows on TV, or just did not watch it / like it. 

Here is a look at the poster for the final season, which seems fitting:

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