August 29, 2014

Dream Publishers + A Few Requests From Them

I know with this post, I am getting really ahead of myself - but an author can dream eh? It is not my intent to 'step on any toes' here, but for me to merely express some of the big names in publishing whom I would love to work with and print Kalvel. And you know what, in the end all that really matters is if eventually I do get published...

So now, onto the list:
- Harper Collins / Harper Voyager. They do a fantastic job publishing and printing Tolkien's books. I think they started publishing Tolkien around the early '90s? I could be mistaken. That, and their paperbacks are quite nice. 
Random House did a great job on A Song of Ice and Fire, especially the hardbacks. This is the latest (but not final) book.
- Random House (Bantam Spectra, Knopf, etc...) They publish quite nice editions in their 'Modern Library' classics, as well as the hardbacks and trade paperbacks of George R.R. Martin's works are quite nice. 
- Penguin (DAW). From what I read online, they accept unsolicited manuscripts which could be very useful to me, but it's super early to tell how things will turn out for me on the publishing. Their paperback classics are quite nice. Patrick Rothfuss has nothing but nice things to say about DAW.
Great (and matching!) cover design by Bloomsbury.
- Bloomsbury. A UK publisher that took a chance on J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter. Guys, the 'adult covers' of Harry Potter in hardback are gorgeous. 

- Thunder Bay Press. They print quality editions of books. One looks to Canterbury Classic (flexibound Word Cloud and leather bound classics) to see some of their beauty. 
- Allen & Unwin. They accept unsolicited manuscripts, which may or may not be of benefit to me. They are one of the leading publishers of the 20th century, and are independant, too.  
Whoever I go with, or chooses to go with me, there are some things I would like to have input on or happen with my books. These are requests.
The covers for The Hunger Games Trilogy is consistent in design.
- a similar design style and cover artwork for all the books in a series (such as Kalvel). Look at The Hunger Games Trilogy or the current editions of A Song of Ice and Fire to see what I mean.
- no 'mass market' edition. For paperback I would prefer 'trade paperback'. (like Modern Library Classics, or Penguin Classics for size and dimensions reference). Not the one that's the same size as a hardback, (but paperback instead), or mass market, but the size between the two (mass market and hardback). I would love to see: deluxe, hardback, trade paperback and ebook editions. 
The Children of Hurin deluxe edition by Harper Collins
- a limited or deluxe edition of each significant book at launch. So for each of the Kalvel books. Harper Collins does great deluxe editions for Tolkien's books since about 2004. Harper Voyager did somewhat likewise with A Song of Ice and Fire. A nice slipcased or leather bound edition. Something 'special'. 
title page for the single volume edition of The Lord of the Rings.
The table of contents for the single volume edition of The Lord of the Rings.
- Once the final volume has been published, I would love to go back and make one ebook (as in, one document or file) of all five books combined as one. It would be about 2000 pages or more, but it's the entire story as one document. Physical size will not matter, and ebook files are not all that large anyway. This would be put together much like how the one-volume edition of The Lord of the Rings is, as opposed to other omnibus books where it's literally 'I finished book 1 one page 344, now on page 346 I get the table of contents etc for book 2'. I'd want all that at the beginning of the book.
The Lord of the Rings - the entire story. Nothing more, nothing less.
- no 'incomplete' boxed sets. Boxed sets would be made once the series is finished, in the existing formats of the series. [hardback, possibly deluxe, paperback and ebook bundle]
- roman numeral numbering on the spine, and in the title. 
- do not spoil any of the books in the synopsis that appears on the back cover, product description or inside the dust jacket flap of another book in the same series. By this I mean, 'After X's death...'
- no recaps (in the manuscript or main body of text). These are pieces of a larger tale, I do not want to waste readers' time by summing events up that already happened. The books will be numbered sequentially, so anyone wishing to know to what happened first, read the books! 
As you can see, I like books. Seeing all the various editions of Tolkien's works, George R.R. Martin's and J.K. Rowling's (among others) has given me a few ideas for my own 'main, big' story which is the multi-volume fantasy, Kalvel. 
I hope that this post gives you an idea of how I would like to see my actual books look. 

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