August 19, 2014

Book Review: "Towers of Midnight" (Wheel of Time Book 13)

Only one more to go! Read my review of Wheel of Time book 13 here....

I must say, the last few instalments of The Wheel of Time have been better than most of the series. The series started off at a decent enough pace, slowed, halted, and at this point in the overall story of the series is building towards its conclusion.
Lots of interesting things happen in this book, as well as hint at what's to come in book 14, the finale. I am fairly certain that this book in particular is the single longest entry in the series, page-wise, coming in at 1221 pages of story in my paperback copy. If one were to remove the padding (as it is throughout the series as a whole, and each book) I would say that in paperback format this one could have been about 800-1000 pages instead. I will make a list of some of my personal edits when I do the grand review.
Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson are pretty good writers, and the melding of their styles is practically seamless. Sanderson deserves an award of some sort for the job he has done on the last three books (I have one left to read, mind). From what I can recall, most of this book was mostly Sanderson's creative and artistic license. Those who have read the series more than once, or pay extra close attention have said there is a bit of inconsistency in regards to the character and development of Mat, but I myself have not noticed anything 'amiss'.
It has been a long road but I am looking forward to reading the end so I can finally find out how it all goes down. Even if a reader jumps in once all the books are available, at 14 books long, (the smallest of which is about 700 pages in paperback) it is a long journey indeed. Book 14, A Memory of Light, looks to be the one I have been waiting to read ever since I finished book 1.
This book, however, definitely gets the gears turning to the point where they are almost spinning on fast or high. Especially the last 100-200 pages or so, with moments throughout. If one were to compare this series to The Lord of the Rings, than this is The Two Towers of The Wheel of Time.
I give this book a solid, and well deserved, 4/5 , [bordering on a 4.5 / 5.]
When I finish the final book, I will write a review post of that book, as well as the series as a whole. There may be another Wheel of Time related post or two before that, though.

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