July 6, 2014

Book Review: "The Gathering Storm" [Wheel of Time #12]

For the first time in a while, A Wheel of Time was genuinely a good book.

I know I've given them each high scores, but this one is definitely a solid work. There is some great resolution happening here (about time, this is book 12 of 14!) and it was good to see so many things happen in this book.

I didn't notice the hand-over from Jordan to Sanderson too much. You can pick up bits here and there, but this definitely feels like a Wheel of Time book...just one of the better ones. Also, I like that 'Gathering Storm' to me, has two meanings. This is a good, strong wheel of Time book, and is one of the series' strongest, and the strongest in years.  

Onward! I give this one


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