June 6, 2014

Best of Beau's 2014 Voting

Earlier today, Beau's has posted that voting had begun on selecting which four beers will go into the 'Best of Beau's 2014' Mix Pack. To vote and see the eligible beers, go here: http://www.beaus.ca/vote 
My ideal mix pack(s) would be:
"The Seasons of Beau's"
Beaver River, Festivale, Night Marzen, Bogwater
"Best of feBREWary"
Elmsmere's Regret, Mission Accomplished, Wag the Wolf, Collabbrewnaut
"Moumou's Selection"
Bottle Imp, Opa's, Strong Patrick, Hogan's Goat
So be sure to vote if you have a favourite you'd like to see in the pack. If you're unable to get Beau's where you live, vote on one of my three 'fan-made' mix packs I listed above.

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