May 30, 2014

Mario Kart 8 (U)

Today the long awaited Mario Kart 8 is finally out. And I must say, it could very well be the best Mario Kart yet for a console.

I enjoyed the games on the wii, but not the console itself. So, with Mario Kart 8, I'm using the gamepad and U Pro Controller. 

The biggest difference or newest feature about the game is antigravity. You can race in all directions, as per how the track moves. Switching is easy and seamless and automatic in-game. The gliders re-appear, as do bikes. Basically, Nintendo put all the best parts from past Mario Kart games into this one. And coins! Coins are back.

Another feature I quite like is fast recovery. If you get hit, getting back into it doesn't take nearly as long as in past games. There is also a defence against the dreaded Spiny Shell....

There are loads of courses and characters to unlock, a few new items and tons of replayability due to mulitpplayer, and trying to unlock each and every item. 

With all the 'new', the game feels great, and looks even better. Mario kart (wii) was fun, but not one of the series best games - many feel that Double Dash and / or Mario Kart 7 were the best.

This could easily be the best Mario Kart since Mario Kart 64, or ever. It definitely belongs in company such as Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart 7, and Double Dash (depending on if you liked that one).

Character / vehicle of choice: Larry Koopa, ATV
controller preferred: gamepad or U Pro controller

It's out to buy as both a physical and digital edition. The digital eshop version is just under 5GB (approx). I went for the physical one but for Smash Bros U, I hope to get the digital if it's not too large in file size.

Grab the crowd and the controllers because Mario Kart is back with a vengeance. 

Oh, don't have a U yet? Here:


And now, back to the game....

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