April 8, 2014

Blades, Beer, and Maple

This Saturday, there's going to be a good 'ol treat to be had.
Armoured Company of the Sword and Beau's are pairing up at Temple's Sugarbush for a fantastic day of entertainment. There's going to be swords and knights. There's going to be Beau's beer. There's going to be maple. What more could one want? For full details, head on over to :

Would that I could attend this year, but sadly too much to be done. I'm fleshing out some history on one of the factions, as well as outlining a next chapter for Volume One. It's a character that will be one of the main five, but I haven't written anything about her yet.
One of our Partners, Beau's Brewery will be joining us on Saturday April 12th with beer samples at the door!

Then you can try a Breakfast Biscuit with smoked ham, Swiss cheese and egg in a buttermilk biscuit, served with home style potatoes...and a glass of Lugtread.

They are a local, family-run and totally DIY company in Vankleek Hill. Brewing interesting, award winning, tasty beers using the highest quality, all natural ingredients like certified organic hops & malts and local spring water. They are super awesome to work with and we can't wait to have Molly visit us!

MENU http://www.templessugarbush.ca/pancake-house/menu/

NATURE TRAIL http://www.templessugarbush.ca/pancake-house/nature-trail/
Contact Information:

1700 Fergson's Falls Rd
Lanark, Ontario
On Google Maps
GPS Coordinates: N, W

Email: Beau's Brewery at Temple's Sugar Bush
Phone: 613-253-7000
Fax: 613-253-0099
Website: www.templessugarbush.ca/pancake-house/
So go and enjoy!

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