April 23, 2014

An Update

So I bet you're wondering how The Saga of Kalvel is coming. 

It's going well, but slow. I'm not putting into as much time writing the series as I'd like. It's still being thought of in my head, and I'm only able to get to it part time, but I'm still planning and writing at the same time. This weekend I'm hoping to binge through some. 

I'm working on the third chapter for one character, and would like to start the first chapter for another character. I begun as early as Dec. 2011, and my deadline is August of 2016, but so far I have approx about 40 completed manuscript pages that I'm thinking of going back to until the first draft is completely done. 


That's manuscript pages. 

If I were total everything I'd ever written about Kalvel, it would be closer to around 100 (give or takr about 15 either direction, some things are in various states.)

I've said before and again that the most difficult volumes I forsee will be the first (tying everything together from drafts, outlines, geography, timeline...) and the final volume (wrapped everything up in a conclusion).

So in short it's coming slower that I'd like. I wouldn't say I have writers block, but there is enormous thought, background, planning and research before the actual writing begins, or to allow it to progress forward up to my satisfaction. Once I have my first volume done, I'm anticipating it should be better and easier as I go. 

I know where in the story certain things will happen, so my next order of business for the first volume is to start outlining the character chapters and add detail, flesh it out... I already know which characters will be easier and harder to write. 

I'm hoping that the writing will go well, and I'll be able to make that August '16 deadline. I'd want and to not let everyone down. That's the soonest I would like to realistically estimate it being done. 

My range for manuscript length per volume is 800-1050 pages. Anything longer than 1050, I'll cut out (of the main series, not for future....), use later, or, depending on the volume, merely extend into two parts. 

Before I end, I'll upload some pictures I added on the facebook page, for those who don't have nor use facebook.

Much the way that New Zeland stands in for Middle-earth, and some parts of our planet stands in for Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, so do some locales for Kalvel.....  


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