March 16, 2014

All in the Chemistry

Not long ago, I finished watching Breaking Bad All of it. Here are my thoughts.

Words cannot express how impressed I was with Breaking Bad. This is a blog, so I'll try anyway....Wow, what a series. This show had everything - fantastic writing, acting (Walter White will forever go down in history as one of TV's greats), comedy, scenery.... you name it, Breaking Bad had it. 

For those who don't know, Breaking Bad is a show about a high-school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Wanting to secure his family's future financially, he enlists of the help of a former student to begin cooking crystal meth. Since Walter White is a chemist, and genius at science, his 'batches' become the prize of dealers, addicts, and cartels. Because of this, Walt and Jesse end up in a variety of situations and change. And you're left wondering what will happen next, and things taking some twists and turns along the way.

And change is what Breaking Bad really is about. You see the image at the top of this post? That is a series of prints (melded together) by Ty Mattson which chronicles the evolution of Walter White throughout the series. You see his various incarnations above.

I won't review the plots or each season here, but my thoughts on Breaking Bad were extremely positive. The first episode got me into the series, although it is slightly 'oddball'. Get past that, and the show slowly gets you addicted. Nearer the end of the season, (especially the last few episodes) will have you watching the show like crazy. Plus, you'll be rooting for Walt because he's the main character, anti-hero, and will do whatever it takes to protect what's most important to him.

It became my favorite TV show, and one I would definitely re-watch. I began watching it the day after the series finale aired on TV, actually. I heard of it before then, but kept putting it off because I had other shows on my plate. When I found it would be ending, I waited it out. I was glad I didn't have to wait once I began the show. Oh, and before I forget? It is amazing the whole way through. The suspense and drama is strong, as is watching Walt's both and rise fall. 

If there is anyone involved with Breaking Bad or amc reading this - thank you. Thank you for creating and being a part of one of the best TV shows of all time.

Overall I give this series (and this is a very rare thing) a well deserved 


Breaking Bad is currently my favorite TV show, despite it being finished. It will be a while before another takes that mantle. I am currently enjoying Mad Men, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Homeland, and Hell on Wheels. I've heard really great things about True Detective so far.... 

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