January 20, 2014

New Editions of the Wheel of Time - *Update* (Book 11)

Those who have been following my post about the 'nice' new trade paperbacks of Wheel of Time, I have an update on the info of book 11.
Here is the listing for the new trade editions of the books in the  Wheel of Time so far http://insurrbution.blogspot.ca/2012/09/new-editions-for-wheel-of-time.html. I update it each time info about the next book to receive ISBN and release date becomes available. 

Most recently, the info for Knife of Dreams, Book 11 came to me. It will be available October 14, 2014. The ISBN, which grants you the upcoming edition is :

ISBN - 10: 0765337827
ISBN - 13: 9780765337825

This was the last book to be completely by written by Robert Jordan. 

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