December 4, 2013


Winter is here. For me, aside from (occasionally) nice winter weather it also means a change in the beer season.
There are three worth noting, however, in the winter stouts are in 'season' whereas in the summer it's usually blondes. 
Anyway, Beau's has 'collected' their 4 best of the year and released it in a mix pack. They are Screamin' Beaver, Doc's Feet Dubbel, Burnt Rock and Rudulphous VI. Go here for more info and beer detail :
Not quite seasonal beers like the Oktoberfest mix set, this is more of a 'year end' event. But their seasonal, Bogwater, is out now:
A reminder that you can buy Beau's online through their site here, part of the BYBO program :
Finally, there's the Mill St Seasonal Sampler. You get : Organic Lager, Tankhouse Ale, Cobblestone Stout, as well as Vanilla Porter and Distillery Ale, and Weizenbock:
Distillery Ale is a 5.8% abv UK-influenced ale that is described as follows:
A copper coloured English-style Old Ale made with English floor malted Maris Otter pale malt and caramel & chocolate malt, and a whole pile of English Fuggles and Goldings hops. Old Ales are similar to Barley Wines only smaller. This is a style of English Ale that would have been around in the old days of the Distillery District and the founders would have been very familiar with.
Weizenbock is a 7.5% abv dark wheat ale with the following notes:
A traditional German-style strong, dark wheat beer brewed for winter. The dominant flavour in this beer comes from imported German yeast. This produces a profound bubblegum and banana aroma and distinct “banana bread” palate that complements the dark, sweet malts used in this bockbier perfectly. Bottled unfiltered with its yeast still in it, this beer is naturally cloudy and has a creamy texture and richness that is typical of this quintessentially German style.

So enjoy! And remember - drink smart.

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