December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas! (and 'Humbug' to the Hustle and Bustle)

Believe it or not, it's Christmas Eve! That means there's only one more sleep 'til Christmas. The only thing on my to-do list is to wrap the gifts, which I do every year on Christmas Eve. The rest is eating and drinking! 

But I must say, the past few weeks have been hectic. Or have felt so in my head, anyway. I will be moving in Jan, so I'm 'living' at two places at once at the moment until the big move day. Therefore, my brain has been thinking of two different locations when placing / finding stuff. Not that big a move - about moving a bedroom, sans-furniture. 

I'm usually able to finish my shopping by December. But this year the shift from Nov. to Dec. happened quickly. And I had more gifts to buy. I've made a vow that will keep me from gettin' flustered, grumpy, and short-tempered (as I may have been. It's due to the crowds, mostly. Not to sound like a Scrooge, but sometimes that people are slow, or can't decide where to walk.).

I vow to, no matter what, start my shopping no later than Nov. 1, and finish no alter than Nov. 30. I do not want to set foot inside a shopping mall during the entire month of December if possible. I will plan my budget accordingly and stop shopping 'for me' in Oct (not counting any potential amazing Black Friday specials) and do so again on Boxing Day, and sparingly afterwards. So if you don't tell me what you want, or have ideas by Nov. 29, you'll get surprised! Sorry, no shopping in December. 

Christmas isn't about the gifts anyway! That's why I want to do away the shopping before December hits. 

I may have one or two more posts by December 31; but keep checking here. 

No matter how you celebrate, who you're with, Marry Christmas! (or Happy Kwanza if you celebrate that as well, or instead). I am in much better cheer now, and will enjoy the next few days.


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