June 2, 2013

Upcoming Name Day

My Birthday is coming... July 11. Those who read this blog wishing to get me a gift, I have some suggestions for you.....

First up, are some A Song of Ice and Fire prints by the wonderful Stephen Youll.

In regards to ordering it: "Color prints are 13” X 19”—$65.00 per print plus shipping. Pay by check or Paypal." And the print is found here: http://www.stephenyoull.com/stephenyoull.com/Game_Thrones2c.html 

I reside in Canada, so drop me a comment via the comments box if you wish to get me that with your email, and I'll send you my address / shipping info so it gets to me.

Next up, are some items on my Amazon Wishlist: http://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/334OHARFDHZKQ/ref=cm_wl_search_1

Use the filters to sort by price, priority, and item type. I will most likely buy all the Cassandra Clare novels listed on it this month sometime. How the Amazon works is that when you purchase the item, there will be an area saying that it's off of my list, or that it's for me, and after you pay for it, it gets sent to my address. 

Thanks to all who read this blog, just letting you know that my birthday is coming up. I'm not expecting but if anyone feels generous.....

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