May 14, 2013


From Brandon Sanderson's latest newsletter:

And now, as many of you have been hoping to read, some news about

The book is progressing well. But it's also going slowly. Big epics
just take so much TIME. It's not simply the wordcount; the longer
and more complex the book gets, the more time it takes to produce
each page. A weaving of a half dozen characters and plots is a
difficult thing to juggle. I love it, but boy is it hard.

I'm at 260,000 words as of this writing. (The target is 300,000
words, or about the length of THE GATHERING STORM.) Awesome things
are happening in the book, but I worry that it feels too
fragmented, with everyone doing their "own thing" and without a
stronger narrative to hold the book together. This was an issue
with the first book, but the powerful Bridge Four sequence served
as a backbone for the entire book and held it together.

This book needs more of an eye toward the entirety, and that's my
main focus right now as I finish up the last chapters and turn
toward revisions. I wanted passionately to have it out by November
of this year, but that's growing more and more difficult. I know
you all would rather have a better book later, and I'm not going to
force anything.

At this point, we still have a "soft" release date of November, as
listed on Amazon. However, we haven't committed to retailers for
that date, and we haven't bought marketing space for it. (Which are
the two big things that lock in a publication date.)

THE WAY OF KINGS was turned in in May 2010 and came out in
August/September 2010, and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT was turned in in
August/September 2010 and came out in November 2010. So there is
still plenty of time, but I can't promise anything. It could come
out anywhere between November 2013 and May 2014. (Though it's
highly unlikely to be later than that, considering how much I have
done, and how well the writing is going.)

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