April 21, 2013


The Ottawa Senators have had a pretty season for the most part, but the last 2/3 or half haven't been too good. There was Karlsson's injury. Speza was out. And Anderson was out...all at once. We've won a few good games here and there, but the stats haven't been as good since all the injuries. Like the team is trying to climb back up, but a nasty person at the top ledge keeps batting them and down and away. And they lost their Saturday night game to the Toronto Make Me Laughs. Ouch baby. Very ouch.

I am a strong and proud Sens fan as much as the next guy. Been following them since...'97. I don't 'follow' the stats or the points but watch when I can, and make the odd rant here and there. However, playoffs are right round the bend. Should the Sens not make it in (I hope they do, but the way they've been playing....) I have a few teams in mind to consider. I'll save that for another post, but keep an eye out on the Washington Capitals. Sure, the mighty Senators have gotten rid of their 8 game winning streak, but they did win 8 games in a  row before that. Pittsburg seems to very powerful in the East. We shall see.  

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