April 2, 2013

Getting Back to It

I am not a full time writer. I write as a hobby, and an interest of mine. I may blog more often than I write, but I still enjoy and am continuing to breathe life into my Kalvel series.

With the return of Game of Thrones, and possibly The Winds of Winter arriving next year (just my guess, we will have to see) I have become more motivated to write more in one sitting, and more often. So it will be a little less blogging lately, and more effort put into my novel as well as the series it is a part of. I will still stop by and say hello every so often. It may once a week, or once every two weeks…nah, that’s too long. About once a week.

Most of the planning for Vol. 1 is pretty much done. I know who the main five viewpoint characters will be, and where Vol. 1 will end, and Vol. 2 will begin. I have a few chapters written, as well as the Interlogue. I have a good idea of what will happen to who in Vol. 3-5, and some ideas on where to end one volume and start another. But I’ll worry about those when I get there. Now, my main focus is creating the map for Vol. 1, as well as the actual writing process. And some thought as to what the ‘focus’ of Vol. 2 will be – the viewpoint characters, what will happen to who in that volume…. I have a good overall idea and plan for the series, but the focus for the time being is Vol. 1. I’m working on that book and the series as a whole at once so things can fit in together, mesh and line up. I want to lay the story down as best as I can before it gets into the hands of any editor, then work on finer details later on. Essentially, the best books they can be before I even think of printing them or sending them out.

Future volumes will be more and more fleshed out, of course, as I write them. The writing won’t be me filing in the blanks, because that would be no fun. But dealing with a five-volume fantasy series, where each book will be about 600-800 pages in hardcover, there’s going to be a lot of trimming and making sure everything conforms to what I have in mind. I am going to save everything. If a plot thread or something does not work out in a novel, guess what, it could pop up later as a short story, novella or something of the sort. Should I need a sixth volume, it will just be because Vol. 5 is too large. That sixth volume won’t be overly large, most likely closer to 600 pages, even if volume 5 is 770. These are just my personal guidelines, of course, so my series won’t ‘run wild’. I predict the most difficult ones to write, and the longest to do so will be the first (now) and the last.

But what about my writing beyond Kalvel and fantasy?? I have always been interested in exploring gangsters (20s-40s era), zombies, spy / thriller, and maybe even sci-fi, though for me at this point, it seems very tricky to create something new or of my making in sci-fi that doesn't scream 'Stark Trek!' or 'Star Wars!' for example Any of these fields could be novel, novella, novelette, short story....we will see what happens.

So now it’s back to it! I’d like to have three chapters written between now and when my girlfriend returns from back North in about 1.5 – 2 weeks time. Love you sweetie! Have fun and be safe!

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