February 23, 2013

Book (Re)Review: "The Dragon Reborn" (The Wheel of Time #3)

I have finished reading the third Wheel of Time book, The Dragon Reborn. My review follows....

With the first two novels, Robert Jordan was digging a hole in the ground known as 'fantasy', so that his own series could bury itself in that hole, take root, and grow. This book is the beginning of how the rest of the Wheel of Time novels shall be. The blooming of the seed, if you will. 

The first two have a quick, frenetic pace (though they do slow down at times, they are quick reads), but the pace of this book is a bit slower. There are action moments sprinkled throughout, as three main stories are the focus, with a minor (yet important) fourth also occuring. 

One of the main characters is absent from most of the book, and we also get numerous dream sequences or other 'surreal visions'. 

Perrin is my favorite character, but Mat really shines here. With one of the mains being almost absent, he fits in quite well, now that he is 'whole' again. 

The book is still quite a good one, and worth reading but The Dragon Reborn shows us that there is still a long ways yet before this series is finished.... 

If you made it this far into the series, chances you enjoyed the first two books. After reading this book though, you have to decide to keep going on or not. 

I give The Dragon Reborn a solid


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