January 16, 2013

Return of NHL Hockey

After a hell of a lockout (in the bad way, it was crazy) to the surprise of many, myself included, NHL hockey will return. It seems that most games begin on the 19th, but it varies team by team if I'm not mistaken.

Being an Ottawa Citizen, my first team is the Senators. I also like a few other, such as the Flyers, Bruins and Oilers. Of course, come playoff mode, I pick my favorite match-up, should the Sens not get far. 

I will not go into the politics of the lockout, just glad that hockey is back! I'm not 'advanced' enough to follow the stats, just playoff time with who is leading. I watch regular season games too, but I watch more during the playoffs, as it has more intensity.

So enjoy the game!!

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